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Anti-Maskers And The Looming Financial Crisis



Please, people – wear a fricking mask.

If we could all just control our actions for the next few weeks, stop arguing with store employees and maintain proper distances it would make a huge difference in slowing the spread of this virus. If we could all control our actions for the next four weeks, we might actually be able to send our children safely back to school and reopen businesses were are close to losing forever.

Tens of millions of U.S. workers are out of work and tens of thousands of coronavirus cases are being reported daily, but our leaders tell the jobless they are lazy and need to return to work and the sick are in many cases left to fend for themselves.

Korea has done a better job of combatting this virus than our own country – which seems to be floundering and as helpless as a rudderless Titanic headed for the ice berg.

Hopefully someone who knows what they are doing takes the helm soon.

Daniel David Duarte/ Walnut Creek


  1. Gross domestic product down 9.5 percent. It would have been worse if it hadn’t been for government intervention funds – which are drying up now. I’m afraid there is going to be some real pain ahead.

      • There is inherent risk in everyday living. I’m not a coronaphobe. I haven’t seen anyone without a mask, if for no other reason, we’re not allowed anywhere without one. Coronaphobes need to turn off the news.

        • Then you are not paying attention. Go to Safeway in Walnut Creek, either one on Broadway or on Ygnacio Valley Road, or Whole Foods on Newell. You will see a lot of people not wearing masks – and they are employees.

  2. Stop with the annoying political messages. Don’t bring politics into this. Don’t mention “our leaders” as this confuses and diminishes your message.

    • Think we still have something called the first amendment right? Freedom of speech? Or did they get rid of that?

    • If you don’t want to see it, don’t read it. I want to see it and hear what others are thinking. It’s important now. I will say how surprised I am to see that so many Americans aren’t willing to discuss it at all. I find that really really scary.

  3. There will always be freedom of speech, but people that make everything political are a pain in the ass. No one cares about your political views. Take it to the polls.

  4. “Stop with the annoying political messages. Don’t bring politics into this.”
    Absolutely right. Russia, North Korea and the PRC have it right….. what the hell is happening to this country?

  5. Heaven forbid that we should be allowed to speak about the state of this country and its political system.

  6. My neighbor owns a respected restaurant and bar in Alameda County. He says he has another month before he will be forced to declare bankruptcy. And I don’t think he’s alone.

  7. Dr. Birx says we are in a “new phase”…Thanks for sharing, doctor. Have you checked on using disinfectants for a bigly cleaning of the lungs, as you were requested? Have you doctors checked that out? That may be the only thing that can save us. What have you found?

  8. Masks are good, but the real spread is happening because people can’t stop partying. Either full rager house parties, or just friends/family over for a BBQ.

  9. Are we locked down or aren’t we??? There are sports team playing without masks at fields up and down the corridor. How do they get away with this???

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