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Shot Of The Day: Shelterers Line Up For Morning Costco Run

Photo: Rich Celestre

Reader Rich Celestre snapped this shot of folks lining up for entry to the Concord Costco store Thursday morning, with this line of “Under 65s” waiting for the 10 a.m. opening while a separate line of seniors were already foraging inside – making entry from the other side of the store.

Rick said store personnel were checking ID’s – and in a follow-up message said the store started letting people in about 45 minutes early, which is smart and a good move on their part.

How’s your foraging going?


  1. It’s interesting, many Costco shoppers are complaining about the crowds and they seem to think this is the only place to get groceries.

    • We have our Victory Garden on “speed-up” mode and we’re re-watching The Martian to see how Matt Damon was able to bring his potato crop in!

  2. Costco is one of only a few places where you can buy products by the bulk. There’s not too many other stores that offer wholesale goods out there Costco, and Sams Club. It’s wise to prepare yourself for the long term because every time you go to shop it puts yourself at risk. So to the individual who left the comment about there being other store to go to, when it comes to shopping and being prepared for the long term there’s not too many stores to choose from. Costco is a very wise choice for you and your families sake.

  3. On the Costco site it says it’s for 60 and older (not 65) and the hours for that age group are 8-9, (not 10).

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