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“Shelter In Place” Order Given For Contra Costa County Residents


In an unprecedented move to head off what many foresee as a gradually worsening public health crisis, the director of Contra Costa County’s Health Services Division Monday issued a far-reaching shelter in place order for the county and its residents.

The directive, issued in conjunction with orders given to residents of 6 Bay Area Counties, remain in effect until April 7.

The order allows for travel for medical purposes and other essential services like grocery shopping and pick-up from restaurants, but drastically curtails gatherings of any substantial size and closure of venues where contact with others is possible.

The order defines essential activities as those necessary for the health and safety for individuals and their families. Essential businesses allowed to operate during the recommended action include health care operations; businesses that provide food, shelter, and social services, and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise needy individuals; fresh and non-perishable food retailers (including convenience stores); pharmacies; child care facilities; gas stations; banks; laundry businesses and services necessary for maintaining the safety, sanitation and essential operation of a residence.

Officials said health care services, law and safety, and other essential government functions will continue to function under the recommended action.


  1. Flying blind. You can’t contain what you can’t see, and you can’t “see” it if you don’t test for it. Korea has a capacity to test 20,000 per day.

  2. As draconian as this seems, it actually makes more sense than cancelling events, schools, etc. All that does is move people from Point A to Point B. Overcrowded schools to overcrowded daycare is illogical. It’s not like daycare is exempt from viruses. I’m not surprised at all by this decision.

    They’re in a darned if you do, darned if you don’t situation. It’s “far-reaching” but if they find it necessary.

    • Soooo, this is not “ridiculous” but cancelling the Dublin parade was. Cancelling a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin CA and Dublin Ireland was an overreaction, but now you are “not surprised at all by this decision”…Is that your position today? If the parade were cancelled all of those people would have just met in the pubs anyway…?


      “Philadelphia would emerge with the highest death rate of any American city. The Lehigh Valley’s municipalities didn’t suffer on that scale, but the flu rampaged here, too, to the extent that one newspaper account called it “the dreaded plague.””

      Philadelphia in 1918 is a case study. Philadelphia elected not to cancel the patriotic war bonds parade in 1918 during the Spanish flu epidemic. Other cities notably took a different course and suffered far less.

      The whole strategy of social distancing for a period of time is to delay and stretch the impact so that the health care system is not overwhelmed and people do not needlessly die due to lack of beds, respirators, etc. You do not seem to understand the strategy. Large social gatherings spread the infection at an exponential rate. It’s not that complicated. Your notion that cancelling the parades would have no effect is novel and wrong. Cancelling a major event like that sends a message to thoughtful people that there is a danger in gathering like that.

      • Cancelling events just moves people from Point A to Point B. If you play sports (but don’t allow fans) they’ll just watch the game at a crowded sports bar. Cancelling the season (or postponing) is more effective. If you cancel a parade on a Saturday, they’ll just go out and have fun somewhere else. It’s a Saturday, and people are off work. If you cancel school, you’ll have students going from a crowded school to a crowded daycare, which is even an easier, smaller place to spread germs. Anyone who has ever been a mom knows this.

        Shelter-in-place is something that I was in agreement with PRIOR to the decision. It’s “far-reaching” but necessary. As a former member of the medical profession, I understand these tough decisions. I was a hospital administrator. I knew this was coming, and I told my husband a few weeks ago “prepare for the new normal.” We’re in excellent health, and our life will be altered (like everyone else) and we’re okay with it. There is no vaccine yet, and I understand this, as well as hospital overcrowding, etc.

        I do understand that you have health concerns that I can’t relate to. I wish you well. We will all be there one day, and it’s maybe less scary for those of us that are very healthy, but none of us are immune. We’re ALL at risk, but some people more than others.

        We don’t know each other, but this is something you’re well aware of (online). I have a “shut it down” mentality (think Airbnb) because it’s effective and necessary at times.

        Nobody should be surprised by this, and those who don’t want to comply, I’m saddened by you. The rest of us want to do the “right thing” for the well being of everyone. We’re all in this together.

        Lastly, cancelling an event “should” send a message, but it doesn’t. We live in a free country, and people will do what they want, when they want, how they want. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than telling mature adults what to do with their free time. Just because you and I would be thoughtful about it doesn’t mean that everyone would. Have you read the comments from people refusing to comply? They have me convinced they don’t care about anyone but themselves – because they don’t.

        You misread why I was against “cancelling.” I’ve now bored you with the truth… if you’re still reading. I had a party to attend tonight (I had until 11:59 p.m.) and didn’t go in “preparation for this.” It will be tough for all of us, and tougher on some more than others. I’m more concerned for others (especially the elderly) than I am for myself. I’m very happy with what I’m currently doing for a living, but my prior profession is one you carry for life, and it will always be in my blood.

        As far as the healthcare system, US is far behind other countries – mostly do to the cost of healthcare in the USA. West Virginia is a prefect example. The only state with no confirmed cases. It’s a very poor state, and people aren’t seeking necessary health care. If you’re not going to the doctor, you’re not going to the doctor. Or maybe they’re not traveling.

        Sorry for the long post…

        • That’s fascinating because in the first post on this subject, your words were “Overblown hysteria – please. One doctor said we should be more concerned with the flu. I totally agree.”

        • Oh! Did I mention that the Philadelphia parade is a case study in epidemiology of what NOT to do? I believe I did.

  3. Does anyone get the feeling we’re not getting the full story here? There seems to be something more behind this — I’m getting the feeling they are just coming to terms with how totally unprepared they were for something like this.

    • There is currently no vaccine available to protect people. If there was a vaccine, you would be encouraged to protect yourself with vaccination.

  4. Jesus christ that county phone alert just scared the crap out of me. Even the cat jumped. All this in just a week’s time????? Almost too much to handle all at once.

  5. I just hope people take this seriously. For those who don’t, keep in mind the next step would be LOCKDOWN. For those of us who’ve never been in jail or prison, that would be a tough one. This is on you…

  6. I get why they did it after running to the pet store today we forgot about the Gecko he was hungry. Otherwise we hadn’t been out Since Friday last week. The home decore store parking lot was full same for the Clothing store I found that odd. The small family owned pet store was empty as usual. We got our crickets and went home.

    So can I take my kids hiking tomorrow or will I get stopped and interact with the only person I would likely see up close outside my family unit? I get that Authorities can’t be sure I’m going hiking or going to a unsanctioned raging Birthday party. I just don’t know if its safe to take my kids hiking without a officer issuing orders that aren’t actually correct?

    Honestly I don’t know? Can I go sailing? I won’t be near anyone again the Authorities can’t be sure thats my destination and not someplace else.

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