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Suspected Drunk Driver Rams Multiple Cars In DVC Parking Lot Wednesday

Photo: Lorrie Schnittker

Our Flash Subscribers got word of this one as it was happening at around 3:15 Wednesday but photos and breathless descriptions of yesterday’s “Monster Truck Rally” rampage in a parking lot at Diablo Valley College still has folks talking.

Witnesses – some of them students, some parents waiting for their children – noted a man in a small, white truck “purposely” smashing as many as a dozen cars while doing “donuts and burnouts” in the college parking lot.

“He then proceeded to drive around to the front of the school where he then smashed a professor’s red SUV while avoiding several students who were in the parking lot,” one witness said. “The Campus Security and Pleasant Hill Police arrived within five minutes (and) arrested the suspect before he could do any more damage or seriously hurt someone.”

An ambulance was called – for the truck’s driver after he sustained a cut to the head – while witnesses stood around surveying the damage. Passersby said the only thing that prevented more damage and possibly injury was the fact that the driver’s truck stalled.

“(He) was taken down, handcuffed and then later taken away in an ambulance,” one said. “The police stayed on campus a few more hours to get cars towed and inform people about their wrecked cars…”


  1. Wow! What would the charges be for something like this?? Felony Frustration? Destruction of Property? Traffic offenses?

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