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Bait Bike Bagging Bad Guys In Danville

Photos: Danville PD

Recently, Danville PD put out a ‘bait bike,’ a two-wheeler equipped with a gps tracking device, near the intersection of Hartz and Railroad Avenues.

To virtually no one’s surprise given the number of bike thefts in the 24/680, police didn’t have to wait long before a suspect cut off the lock, and tried to steal the bike, pedaling off with police tracking his direction and location.

Carlos Villanueva, 43, of Concord, was eventually apprehended aboard the bike on Camille Avenue at the Iron Horse Trail when officers closed in.

Villanueva was taken into custody on a charge of grand theft. The bait bike was placed back into circulation – and, apparently, is getting additional attention from would-be thieves.

At 6:41am Tuesday morning, officers responded to the gps signal from a bait bike that had been stolen, eventually arresting a suspect identified as Joseph Hall, 27, also of Concord. Hall was also charged with grand theft.


  1. More of this type of pro active stuff needs to be done. They need to do shop lifting stings at high loss grocery stores also.

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