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Previously “Unreported” Burglaries In Blackhawk, Danville Have Been Reported Here – Regularly – Since 2016


A local newspaper’s detailing of a string of residential burglaries in the Blackhawk/Danville community was cited as the “previously unreported” work of a brazen crew of thieves who sometimes borrowed golf carts to haul away their loot.

But the string of burglaries, the most recent of which may have occurred just last week, have been detailed by NEWS24/680 since they were first reported in 2016.

“The Crew” at work in Blackhawk…

This site carried details and images of the crew “at work” – using their victim’s recycling bins to haul off valuables ranging from jewelry to furs to weaponry – at that time.

While attempts to garner information about an apparently practiced crew of burglars unafraid to enter ostensibly secured, gated communities have been routinely met with terse acknowledgement of events – few additional details have been provided.

And while we cannot say for certain that it was related, a recent burglary on Pebble Drive in Alamo on Oct. 11 was also reported – after terse acknowledgement of its occurrence by police – on our Facebook page.

In that instance the homeowner reported returning home to find three men of varying description inside the residence, escaping with undescribed “items” after reportedly flashing a gun.

NEWS24/680 has detailed accounts of this and other burglaries since it became apparent an apparently professional crew of thieves was working the area, looting a home on Silver Meadow Court in Blackhawk in November 2016 and getting away with jewels worth an estimated $180,000.

We also detailed the posting of a $25,000 reward offered by the local homeowner’s association for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thieves soon after.

Police have recorded more than a dozen break-ins and the theft of more than $1 million in personal belongings. Security footage of the thefts and the crew responsible appear to show three men at work, masked and apparently comfortable with what they are doing.

There have been no arrests.

A recently posted article by a local newspaper about the burglaries says that they have gone “unreported” and, of course, we would counter that position with examples of our work dating back to 2016.


  1. When it comes to the media, this is hardly your “first rodeo” but maybe they’re referring to other local newspapers? You covered this story very well…

  2. In their mind. If BANG doesn’t report it it’s not reported. That attitude does not surprise me. They are masters at uncovering systemic problems 20 years too late and then patting themselves on the back. But hey, their paper is in my driveway on time 365 days a year so there you go!

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