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Gates? Check. Security? Yep. But Back Door To The Golf Course Opens For Blackhawk Burglars


Contra Costa County Sheriff’s investigators have released photos of men they say are apparently using the golf course at Blackhawk to enter homes in the gated community – with a total of eight homes raided by thieves since May.

A sheriff’s spokesman said three homes were burglarized on the 4400 block of Deer Ridge Road, Deer Creek Lane, and the 4500 block of Kingswood Drive – all located along the community’s golf links – and all on Friday, August 4.

Detectives say the burglars are entering the rear of targeted homes. They did not say what they are taking.

Anyone with any information on the identity of these suspects or on these cases is asked to contact the Office of the Sheriff Investigation Division at (925) 335-2600. For any tips, call (866) 846-3592 to leave an anonymous voice message or email: tips@so.cccounty.us.

All residents are reminded to lock their doors and windows, use alarm systems if they have one, and to report any suspicious people to law enforcement.


  1. so they are nice enough to take out the garbage after they rip off the house or they are rolling their loot away in the bins?

  2. Homes along the golf course in Blackhawk are too vulnerable to burglary. I’d get estimates for a Berlin Wall…

  3. In 2 of the photos it appears they are using cell phones. If they’re checking for messages then there might be others involved. Such as someone parked outside the gates or along route to the homes relaying messages to them.

    • @George – Others have noted that, too, George, and we’ve tried to come up with the sort of message they’re getting while “on the job:” “Remember, honey, pick up some bread and milk when ur done burglarizing homes, luv ya – Brittney” or maybe: “Dad, still looking to upgrade my Playstation, if you see one out there pick it up for me willya?”

  4. They’re either bored with their own burglary (most burglars aren’t caught), communicating with each other (likely) or listening to a police scanner – depending on their level of sophistication.

  5. This was happening at our folks gated subdivision on a golf course in Las Vegas. The POS’s got a lot of valuables from two of our families SUV’s who were there visiting for Christmas Eve.

  6. But you know me.. and I’m going to make the proposition 47 comment too.
    I will bet you 99% these thugs are either wanted on a warrant or are out on parole, all thanks to proposition 47!.
    who is next to be broken into ,burglarized or robbed?

    • @Tim D – At first we thought it was a trap rake so we were prepared to give these guys points for course maintenance but in all honesty we can’t make it out? Car “Club” anti-burglar device? Anyone?

  7. I would use the timestamps from the video/photo where perp is on the phone and cross reference cell tower data. In the middle of the night, I think that would narrow it down to a few dozen calls, which could be further narrowed down with some simple filters….. If both “ends” of the call are talking via same cell tower, that alone might narrow it down to a handful of calls…..

  8. What Chris is suggesting sounds good, but burglaries are property crimes, and property crimes are low priority to law enforcement. The fact that most burglars are never caught makes it worse. Law enforcement wants to solve crimes.

    • @Danielle – Any LEOs out there care to address this one? We sure hear from you OFFLINE and you’re willing to give us an earful relative to statements made about your priorities and enforcement ethic. We have our opinion, but no one wants to hear that – what do you guys say?

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