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What’d I See? Carjacking Caper Ends On Solano Way In Concord Wednesday

Photo: Concord PD

Readers in the area of Solano Way near Hillside Drive noted a considerable police presence in the area Wednesday, and we Flashed what we could safely say about operations at the time but, as usual, there was more to the story:

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office was investigating a carjacking with a threat of a gun that occurred at a mobile home park in Pacheco. The vehicle was last seen on Marsh Drive towards Solano Way with three suspects aboard. While deputies were searching the area an unnamed, observant sergeant found it parked and unoccupied on Solano Way.

Considerable backup was requested and a search for the suspects commenced in the neighborhood near where the car was found.

Concord police said the suspects were eventually located when one of them attempted to jump a fence into a neighboring yard. Items from the stolen vehicle was also found nearby, according to police. Later, the suspects were positively identified by the victim and arrested.


  1. Great police work! I’m glad they caught these criminals, and that no innocent people were hurt. BUT I worry that our liberal court system as these criminals back on the street today, ready to pounce on someone else.

    • Please email Newsom and address your concerns. He told me in the streets of SF that his mom wanted him to “buy the paper in Marin.” If that’s what it takes to get him out of office…

  2. Last I checked, he won with pretty overwhelming numbers. Apparently, many people got tired of the “tough on crime” strategy that led to mass incarceration and decided to consider alternative approaches that are successful in many other parts of the world.

    Of course, in this story nothing more is known so I guess that was really just complaining about something that didn’t happen.

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