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The Sunday Scintillator


What a day. Gorgeous out. You can walk without feeling your lungs are going to spontaneously combust. We have coffee up instead of iced tea. Things are looking better on the weather front.

Attempting to track down a couple of loose ends from last night/early this morning. We can say without reservation that people seem to be well armed in the 24/680 and that some of them aren’t shy about letting fly in populated areas.

So we’re clear, “letting fly” in this instance means: firing a gun. We tend to lean on archaic phrasing when pressed and some of you joked about our choice of terms used when describing the incident in question last night. We believe we used “slinging lead” when dashing out an alert.

For the record, yes, we know not all of you were raised on episodes of “Gunsmoke.”

But you use the words that come to you when your fingers are flying at Mach III and there’s precious little time to consult the Merriam-Webster. Once it goes out, of course, you own it ’cause that sucker is bouncing around the InterWeb like Edison’s voice in space!

We also sent out an alert to Danville residents early this morning after a car rear-ended another outside the Beverages and More store on Diablo Road – one of the cars catching fire and burning vigorously – something we figured neighbors might want to know about. We’re told there were a few anxious moments while firefighters and police worked to make sure there was no one inside the involved car but – thankfully – there were no reported injuries.

The driver of the offending car apparently fled into the night and is probably still running. We’re told no arrests were made.

We were worried about the early nature of the hour when we issued that alert and, no, we won’t start your phone pinging at 1 a.m. for a cat stuck in a tree, but apparently Flashers didn’t mind because more folks were signing up this morning. And, yes, you can “gift” the Flash for friends and family.

That brings us current. We’re going to wrap ourselves around a latte and repair to the garden. Sometimes, after a week of burning cars and slinging lead, you just have to stop and smell the roses.


  1. You forgot to mention that the stock market is rebounding nicely. It would be nice though to get one last recession in before I retire.

    • It’s recovering from that 800-point dipsy-doodle, but we still have a bit to go. We did a little (very little) buying but we’re hugging the sidelines and keeping cash handy for coffee beans and Zombie Repellant. We could weather a recession but wouldn’t wish it upon others… apparently it’s tight out there.

    • I have offered 20% of my life’s work to the Sun God to get us through this next leadership battle and to defeat Narcissus. Twenty percent of a life of toil and savings. I am waiting with bated breath for the reply. Will the Sun God demand it all? And, what will be my response, at my age, unable to earn it back, what will be my response? It is a time that will test us all. What are our values? What do we believe to be right? What do we value above all else?

  2. You guys are ruining the reputation of the Lamorinda area. We used to be called La Borinda before, but unfortunately your “Flash” reporting is stirring things up too much. People are beginning to wonder how come things are getting so exciting here in this sleepy area. Remember, some people move here to get away from the excitement of the East Bay and San Francisco. I have heard some folks complaining that our property values might be affected because the quiet and “boring” reputation might be lost forever. Remember for some, “ignorance is bliss.” Just joking. But I still I think I should get Flash gift memberships for my friends and family back East who think I live in a dream world out here.

    • We have had that suggested – seriously – more than once, Dr. Berkman. We don’t like ignorance or what comes of it but do understand that, for many, it’s a comfort blanket. We like truth and don’t care for spin. That said, while there’s a lot more going on around here than most realize, it IS also a dream world…

      • You realize my comments were meant “tongue in cheek.” On the other hand, you know what happens when folks put their head in the sand, the other end is fully exposed. Folks can only hide so long before they get to see the light, even if it requires a swat or two to the head. Keep up the good work, there are folks who really appreciate the service you provide.

        • Doctor Berkman – We appreciate your words and we remain committed to the task at hand. It helps that it happens to be fun and we meet a lot of nice people along the way. That said, we know full well we won’t make everyone happy all of the time. It’s the nature of the job. All best…

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