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24/680 Thunder Runner Nabbed In Oakland After Morning Chase

Photo: CoCo CHP

If you’re one of the thousands of people who saw this silver car passing on the shoulder or the center divider during this morning’s commute the CHP says not to worry because they saw him, too.

The CHP motor squad was out on Highway 4 doing some extra enforcement for carpool and speed violations when one driver didn’t feel like stopping for their officer after being busted in the carpool lane, officers said. After fleeing into Baypoint, the driver allegedly backed into the pursuing motor officer, then continued fleeing south down Highways 680 and 24.

Unfortunately for him, the CHP had their entire motorcycle unit on Highway 4 and a CHP aircraft was nearby, so officers fell in behind the suspect until the aircraft got into position, then just “stayed close” with dozens of motorists seeing the resulting caravan.

“Eventually, the driver made his way all the way to Oakland where he ditched the car and thought he could just mosey away. Well, our motor squad had another idea and placed him under arrest,” a CHP spokesman said in a Facebook post.

In the end, 19-year-old Tyler Dickens of Oakland was arrested for driving a vehicle reported stolen out of Berkeley. A replica firearm was reportedly found in the vehicle. The CHP says their officer who took the hit this morning will be back to work “in a jiffy” and now you know what was going on out there today.


  1. There were a lot of police cars! I guess they’re taking extra precautions and I can’t say I blame them.

  2. Were they equipped to tag the vehicle with a tracking device? I mean, it doesn’t get closer than being “backed into”. Also, is “motor squad” equivalent to persons on motorcycles “Motor officer” is ambiguous to me. Perhaps I am a motor civilian and just don’t know it?

    • Motor means motorcycles. I think only a car can deploy a starchase device, don’t think the bikes can do it. Plus it sounds like that one officer was thinking more about getting out of this dude’s way.

    • We have nothing to tie them together at this point, Suzanne, but definitely a legitimate question. That color, make, model is a favorite among thieves… we believe due to ease of access and the fact that they tend to blend in.

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