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Narrow Miss At Moraga CVS Today: Patron Captures The Moment From Inside The Store

Photos: Don Muse

We sounded the alarms and Flashed the Flash today as a wayward driver and van rammed the glass frontage of the CVS store in Rheem Center today and thousands of you checked out our story on the site and Social Media arms.

Obviously a scary moment inside the store…

Local resident Don Muse was inside the store when the incident occurred, and forwards these photos. CVS employee “Inge,” well known among Rheem Valley shoppers, is in the hospital recuperating from a broken hip suffered in the crash.

And we’re grateful to Don for sending in these shots. He said he and his daughter narrowly escaped being hit.


  1. One of those things when you just don’t know when it’s going to happen. Hope the injuered person is ok

  2. My friend, Inge, who works at that CVS suffered a broken pelvis in this incident and is in the hospital. Please update your story.

  3. Is this the Miss Inge that helps in the classrooms at Rheem? My daughter adores her. What hospital and how can we help her?

  4. When we got your alert we all looked at each other and said I hope Inge is all right. And then this. We are thinking of her and if there is a gofundme please link to it.

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