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Wild Tuesday Night In San Ramon: Wrong-Way Thunder Run; Parolee, Pregnant Pursuit, Choppers, K9s

Photo: Office of the Sheriff

Two suspects, a reportedly pregnant female getaway driver and a parolee were arrested Tuesday night after a wrong-way pursuit and crash on I-680 in San Ramon.

As our Flash subscribers and numerous Facebook posters apparently witnesses, police from several agencies eventually rounded up the pair – but not without a marathon foot chase and “bit of a fight” from the male half of the duo.

Air and ground assets (canine teams lent by several nearby agencies) flooded the area shortly after San Ramon police terminated their pursuit of a silver Hyundai with a man and woman aboard at around 6:48 p.m.

Officers determined further pursuit presented too much of a public danger when the driver of the car, described as a young woman from Oakland with possible local ties to the San Ramon area, initiated several evasive tactics in an effort to throw off pursuers – including driving the wrong way south in the northbound lanes of Interstate 680.

The duo’s luck held until the driver allegedly hit a car in the northbound lanes at Montevideo with police and firefighters diverting to tend to the occupants of that car while the Hyundai driver and her male companion abandoned their car and fled east into the surrounding neighborhoods.

Readers reported seeing the couple “jumping fences” or running through their neighborhood, police busy checking on individual sightings until they were able to capture the male suspect under the I680 overpass on Pine Valley Road. The Sheriff’s helicopter, STARR 3, arrived to provide overwatch as the scene unfolded, the male suspect fighting with officers before he was taken into custody.

A report that the suspect was found with ammunition on his person could not be immediately confirmed and it was not known if officers found a weapon at the scene of the chase. The helicopter and teams of police canine teams filtered into the neighborhoods south of Athan Downs and eventually located the suspected driver – who told them she was pregnant.

Both suspects were charged with multiple offenses and both received medical attention for injuries suffered in the crash and during the male’s arrest. The woman was taken to the hospital for observation after informing police of her condition.

The condition of the people in the car the duo reportedly hit during their wrong-way run was not immediately known.


  1. Dayum. Haven’t seen that much fuss and calamity down here since the Great Peets Espresso Machine Failure of ’79…

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