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The Wednesday Warbler: Changes For The Rheem? And Pot-Crazed Grannies…

Theatre managers announced a 60 day reprieve for the Rheem as Moragans figure out a way to save the landmark. Photo: File

Pardon the mid-week interjection but the biggest news since that Giant Gopher started tunneling under Rheem Center again is that our local landmark theatre may be posting an “Under New Management” sign soon.

Tongues that waggle locally say negotiations for sale of our vaunted local Neon Lady are underway – and to a recognized name in the cinema biz. In fact, we are told, some of those cherished derrieres all cinema owners crave may have forsaken their peeling local cinema for an updated, splashier venue in a nearby town – which started its financial difficulties in the first place.

Will it happen? The theatre’s on-again/off-again history can be documented with a swift Google search and you don’t have to go far to see that there’s a lot of passion surrounding it’s continued existence or imminent death.

Perhaps folks in the know will check in here and shed some light on the progress of negotiations and whether or not you’ll be able to get a Scotch Rocks brought to your seat during the next screening of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles XII.

We’ll see.

Another thing we never thought we’d live to see are our parents and elders lighting up marihoochie spliffs and pipes they always used to warn us about – now that the benefits of CBD oils and a bowl now and then have gained acceptance in the medical profession.

Apparently Gran and Pop Pop are defying federal decree as to legality and burning one down (that’s pot talk for smoking a joint) at the local assisted living facility and who thought it would ever come to this? We sure didn’t, as police summoned by non-believers try to work out how they’re going to pry a beaker bong out of a 92-year-old’s hands. Or if they should.

We also note the interest in cannabis derivatives among the older set, who are making regular runs to dispensaries and enjoying a newfound notoriety as “the marijuana dealer” in their respective apartment block or senior community.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to come to our senses about all this pretty soon as the laws are still confusing and we don’t want to see anyone getting hurt – or falling down and breaking a hip while trying to outrun the coppers down the nursing home halls.

Funny how some things come full circle, isn’t it? Yes. It is. We’ll see what happens to that Big Gopher, The Rheem, and those silver-haired Pot Heads.


  1. We kid our nonagenarian about her “addiction” to CBD oil relentlessly. But that oil really works and we think she likes being the bad girl on the block.

  2. You know I was wondering about this just theo ther day — with physicans prescribing pot based products or even pot itself there was bound to be some friction when used in a communal environment.

  3. “Hopefully, we’ll be able to come to our senses about all this pretty soon as the laws are still confusing and we don’t want to see anyone getting hurt – or falling down and breaking a hip while trying to outrun the coppers down the nursing home halls.” —- should have happened a long time ago. We can be so stupid sometimes. My gran uses CBD oil on her skin and loves it.

  4. My gramma uses the cream for her skin and for scratches and such and she swears by it. I kid her that she’s a pothead and she loves it.

  5. CBD oil – sure, why not. I don’t know about the elderly smoking weed. We don’t need them making phone calls in the middle of the night and looking online to see if Winterland is still open. Do they know who Bill Graham is?

  6. The laws are still confusing. I think Federal laws supersede State laws – so would that make it illegal in CA?

    As far as the medical profession – not all medical professionals are in favor. The ones I know aren’t – especially MD’s. The ill effects on the respiratory, central nervous, circulatory and digestive system.

    Why do some MD’s approve? From what I’ve been told – increased patient volume in private practice. You should care more about the patients health than your pocketbook.

    Just say NO.

    • Pot has always been readily available legal or not. Doctors have been recommending it for years. As a teen I was asked by my mother to find some for her friend who had stomach cancer per his doctors recommendation. If a patient has cancer and it helps with their symptoms then I don’t see why you would have a problem with it. It also helps with opioid addiction which is another big plus in my eyes.

      • For cancer patients undergoing chemo (to offset the nausea) – I understand it works for some. I also understand the cons, which I feel outweigh the pros. We can agree to disagree.

        And, yes, I know that weed has always been readily available. I grew up in the 70s, and didn’t miss too many parties or concerts.

        The medical profession (like any profession) doesn’t always agree. And I wouldn’t find some weed on the street for someone who has cancer. You never know what drugs are cut with. And, yes – drug dealers cut drugs. It could be laced with PCP for all you know. The 60s and 70s were “drug cultures.”

        I don’t trust street drugs, but I wish anyone undergoing any type of medical treatment well. Peace…

        • Now I’m thinking that you and I were probably at some of the same parties back in the Seventies. Were you ever at any of the parties at the Montgomery’s house in Orinda? PCP? Was that what they put in KJ’s (Krystal joints)? I smoked some during a Led Zeppelin Day on the Green concert and could barely stand up every time it seemed that Led Zeppelin was finally coming on stage. Anyway I think he might have quite enjoyed if it had been laced with PCP but that probably would have cost more.

      • Also – I wouldn’t trust a doctor (back in the day) who recommended illegal marijuana. He or she could lose their license. I would find someone more ethical. Shame on any doctor whose end result sent a teenager to the streets to buy illegal marijuana. I believe your mom’s heart was in the right place – but professionally the doctor should know better.

      • Marijuana is a (DEA) Schedule 1 drug, alongside heroin, LSD and ecstacy. It’s not approved by the FDA – with a couple of exceptions. I have more respect for healthcare professionals who are against it. They care more about the long term, overall health of the patient.

        • That classification is the REAL crime IMHO. I am left to wonder how many people have been incarcerated because of it.

          • The DEA has repeatedly rejected the idea of marijuana as medically viable, and did so again in Aug. 2016. This decision isn’t based on danger. This decision is based on whether marijuana, as determined by the FDA, is a safe and effective drug. And it’s not.

            I’ve wondered myself why marijuana is classified higher than cocaine or meth.

            I hope there isn’t a charge for “over posting.” Anything over $49.99 a month would be price gouging. This is the easiest way to keep my opinions to myself in real life.

          • Well, Danielle, since you bring up the revenue enhancement side of things… ;-}
            Actually, we’re enjoying hearing what you and everyone else has to say. No extra charge… yet!

    • Brendan I believe in this case it means that the apartments will not happen. That deal was contingent on the owner selling the theatre to the Moraga Community Foundation for $150,000 and brokered under Dave Trotter who is no longer Mayor. What it probably does mean is that the we can say goodbye to the murals for starters. It’s a sad day for Moraga.

    • So we’ve heard! We’re getting updated reports every half hour or so now! He’s a big’un.

  7. Two rather big stories for the area although you played it with a light hand. Losing the theatre to a big company will have huge ramifications for its overall look as some have pointed out. It also scotches a proposal for adjacent high density housing the town seemed to be counting on in order to meet its obligation for such housing. It feels like someone has just upset the chess game. And the imagery of pot puffing seniors running contraband drugs and from the police was pretty hilarious. What we’re seeing is marijuana gaining an accepted place in the treatment of several conditions where it is known to have done some good. We may have to isolate parts of our nursing homes for smokers/users but my feeling is it is is here to stay.

  8. Just say no – I like that. Nancy’s approach really worked didn’t it??? And I suggest you check out the weed club at Rossmoor – those cats have got some of the best grass in the valley.

  9. I love the smell of Maureen Dowd brownies in the morning! It’s a good thing! (The former best said with the bravado of an air cavalry major, and the latter best said in a you-can-trust-me, just between us, hushed tone. What a great country! I could just have well been born in Sudan.

  10. Our family uses CBD oil for sores and scratches and it works far better than over the counter topicals. I don’t think anyone is saying it will cure cancer but it does have its uses and we would be foolish not to use all the available tools at hand.

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