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The Mueller Report Has Been Delivered; America Waits For Release Of Its Findings


Special counsel Robert Mueller has turned in his long-awaited report into potential meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

The report is currently in the hands of Attorney General William Barr, who oversees the investigation. Barr has said he wants to release as much information as he can about the inquiry into possible cooperation and coordination between Trump associates and Russia’s efforts to sway the 2016 election.

It remains to be seen how much of the report the American people will actually be able to review, though expectations have been high, as the Attorney General will be able to dictate the manner and timing of any future release of its findings.


  1. It really was a witchhunt, as Trump said. I really wish now they’d get down to the original topic of how Hillary Clinton destroyed 30,000 emails and her computer equipment that we’re subpeoned, and what colussion was being hid there. That one got quickly swept under the rug by starting up the Mueller probe.

  2. It’d be neat if Hillary’s emails were included in Mueller’s report to A) put this whole ‘witch hunt’ thing to rest and B) prove that all politicians are inherently corrupt. Who knows, maybe Hillary was involved in the “pee tape”, too. With Bill behind camera. Or, the other way around? Wouldn’t that be something! My point is, it’s all crazy-town, top to bottom, side to side, back to front.

    I’m with Aaron – let’s have a look. If there’s nothing to hide, don’t hide it.

  3. Half of the country woke up this morning and said ‘you mean we’re stuck with him?’ The other half is getting ready to name him dictator. I’m heading to the mountains and my cabin. Do NOT try to find me.

  4. I’m done. I’ve had too many family dinners ruined because of this idiot. If he’s what America wants they can have him. I don’t want to hear his name or his voice again. The office – the country – will never be the same. The Russians know us better than we know ourselves.

  5. The news had a guy in a maga hat with a sign saying Trump – if he’s not your president this isn’t your country. for the first time I had to agree with a guy in a maga hat. Apparently it’s his country. And he can have it.

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