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Car Burglar Strikes Outside Rheem Valley Starbucks Wednesday

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Little Moraga (we can call it that because our founders live there) has escaped much of the now almost daily scourge of car burglars striking in parking lots up and down the 24/680 lately.

Although some pilfered change and other items have been taken during drunken scavenger hunts in Moraga, the town’s positioning well away from our local freeways has made it unpopular with the crews of burglars or lone wolf thieves smashing windows throughout the county – until today.

Police were summoned after an alert customer spotted a man in dark clothing breaking the window of a car outside the Rheem Valley Starbucks around 2 p.m. Wednesday, the man making off with a bag he had spotted inside.

The suspect is believed to have made his escape in an older Infiniti. The value of the items taken was not immediately known.


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