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Martinez PD Finds Weed, Weapon After Welfare Check Monday

Photo: Martinez PD

Martinez police were sent to the 400 block of Gilger Avenue at 8:13 p.m. Monday after a neighbor reported hearing a gunshot from the residence.

Officers knocked on the door, but did not get a response and, fearing someone may have been injured inside, walked into the backyard through an open gate. Looking inside the residence through a window, officers saw a large amount of marijuana, an assault style rifle and two handguns and, after continued investigation, arrested Cole Kearney of Martinez for possession of a controlled substance for sale and several weapons violations. Kearney was booked into MDF.

Martinez PD noted that a previous post regarding their discovery of an assault-type weapons “sparked quite a conversation” and stressed that there are certain parameters that must be met for center fire, semi-automatic rifles to be legal in the state. Additionally, while marijuana can be personally possessed here, users need to make sure they follow certain parameters to ensure they are within the limits of the law.

The circumstances surrounding the original gunshot are still being investigated at this time, according to police.


    • Rich kid! We had rubber band guns that our Dad would make, fired a strip of tire rubber at offending neighbor kids. Great fun.

      • That’s nothing, we played “army” in the 50’s in Texas with dirt clods for grenades and an array of self-made sound effects. I’m still suffering PTSD from a few direct clod hits and shows like Combat in the 60s. Oh yeah, we had b/w TV.

    • Yes! Favorite musical reference – Warren Z was the coolest. Plenty of lawyers over there from what we’ve seen, apparently a shooting iron or three… as for the money, well…

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