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Somewhere, A Phone Scammer Is Shouting “Noooo…” – Orinda PD Sidelines A Con


A conniving phone scammer may have burst a few blood vessels somewhere in the world after hooking an Orinda target and convincing them that police had a warrant for their arrest they could clear up with hundreds of dollars worth of untraceable gift cards.

As we have seen lately the con was craftily devised and laid out, with considerable “acting” by the perpetrator, and directions given to the victim that the matter could be settled for “hundreds of dollars” worth of gift cards.

Thankfully in this case, the intended target began to suspect something was wrong and called a family member, who in turn notified Orinda police – who in turn said, yep, something is definitely rotten in Denmark, or some other country with no extradition treaty.

The victim, who was specifically instructed to turn off their phone while they secured the necessary “funds” to secure their release in order to prevent any unwanted intrusion – was put in touch with Orinda PD officers before any money, or gift cards, changed hands.


    • The scammer, and thousands like him or her, operate from a boiler room or Internet Cafe in the Dominican Republic or Lagos. We weren’t joking about that extradition thing. Police have no line on this particular con.

  1. There’s a rule about scams that are clearly scams. They are self-filtering, meaning that the only people who don’t ignore them are already demonstrating themselves to be better targets for the scammers.

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