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Snippets: Waiting For The New Year


And here we are, poised on the brink of a freshly stamped New Year. Another 365 days to make something happen, to recover, or to forget 2018 and hits taken in previous years.

Being optimists at heart despite our many bruises and welts, we’re looking forward to the New Year, not only the cocktails and streamers part but, you know, the uncharted days afterward.

What will they bring? What lies in store for us? Haven’t the foggiest. And if we had that magical crystal ball we’d be able to corner this news business thing, wouldn’t we? But, until we finish building that globular Future Gazer, we’re stuck not knowing – just like everyone else – hoping for Good News but bracing for The Bad.

Everyone is dutifully reviewing past projections from science magazines, think tanks, Science Fiction writers and Dooms-dayers brave enough to draft a prediction for what life would be like in 2018 – and while a few hit the mark most are waaaay off base. What did 2018 teach us? To embrace the future with open minds and, though the lesson was driven home in newsrooms long ago, to never, EVER assume anything was done and set in stone – EVER.

And then there’s that whole never go on vacation or to the bathroom thing, but, well, we’ll just leave that one alone for now.

How was 2018 for us, you ask? (We know you didn’t but it seems to be something of a trend in journalism, lately…) Generally, really good, with thousands of new folks making their way through our often twisted sense of humor to connect with us on so many fronts, some of you actually materializing on the other end of a luncheon menu from time to time. We were pleased to see that the depth and breadth of your real-time personalities often exceeded your online presence and it was fun meeting you all. Thanks for the suggestions and ideas, some of which we’re already enacting.

On the down side we saw some negative changes, or the continuation of negative trends, around much of the 24/680 and many of them were difficult to write about – fatal crashes, fatal fires, the loss of some local personalities, an uptick in property crimes with the resultant impact of police pursuits and continued abuse – often lethally – of opioids.

On the upside we saw some new legislation enacted in hope of combatting some of these, and other, negative trends – these new laws taking effect in the New Yea… well, tomorrow. Can’t wait to see how they do.

Laws aimed at finding homes for shelter animals, reducing our consumption of plastic, increasing the transparency of our police departments, issuance of temporary license plates for newly sold cars, and mandating the use of ignition safety-lock devices for repeat DUI drivers.

We hold high hopes for many of these new laws, are less sure about others, but we are crossing our fingers and thinking good thoughts. We’re tired of addressing seemingly unending wrongs without resolution or any sign of hope on the horizon and it’s good to see good people rise up and vote for some change. We do like progress.

We’ll leave it at that. Adam is draping The News Bunker with bunting and we have a small celebration planned to get us through the night. We plan to monitor activity through the night and hope we can bring you a funny Flash or story or two. You just never know what’s going to crop up on a New Year’s Eve.

We’ll just have to wait and see what develops… tonight and those 365 days to come.

Keep in touch.


    • We heard it was quiet in The City. In the 24/680 we’re getting reports of a few excesses, but most folks seemed to have a good time and tucked in early…

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