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Truck Spills Load Of Pool Chemicals After Accident On I680 In Martinez Thursday; Traffic Suffering

Photo: CoCo CHP

8:30 a.m. – A SigAlert is in place with one lane open on southbound I680 at Highway 4 in Martinez Thursday after a truck containing pool chemicals spills its load after a collision with another vehicle.

The cleanup process is underway but traffic in the area is heavy. A Hazardous Materials response has been called out with both the trucking company and county Hazmat crews on scene.

One person reported minor injuries.

All lanes were reopened by 10:40 a.m.


  1. I was JUST about to head up to Concord to Ashby Lumber. Guess I’ll be heading to Berkeley, instead! Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Then a multi-car pile up in the backup. Pay attention people-traffic moving at 5-10 mph and yet you still can’t keep it together? Drives CHP nuts when this happens.

    • Drives EVERYONE nuts when this happens, Candy! We couldn’t publish half the emails we received from up there this morning. The language was just too… too… effusive!

  3. Stopped dead in traffic. Helicopter over my head. Guys in chem suits. Delivery driver next to me so angry he’s yelling at me in — I don’t know — Swahili or something. It smells. I’m late. Yep…… I’m on Highway 4.

  4. Traffic is a mental game. For some reason, it’s never bothered me. I prefer not to have to sit in it, but I take it as an opportunity to listen to really good music, and reflect on things in my life that I might not have time to think about and resolve. I’ll get there eventually. I do realize I’m in the minority, but changing your mindset and not letting it get to you is a win-win situation. Your physical and mental health will thank you, and so will your colleagues and your spouse and children (if applicable). Have a nice day…

    • We admire your calm and Zen-like approach. We, on the other hand, just lose it whenever we’re unlucky enough to be stuck in traffic. It seems so… mindless. Hence, we have taken steps to ensure we don’t get stuck! And thanks for the nice day wishes… it is a nice day to be alive in California!

      • I think it’s a combination of having lived in LA and San Diego (SD as a kid and an adult) and having a dad who always wanted to “leave early” from an event we were enjoying to “beat the traffic.” Sometimes we left early, and sometimes we didn’t. I told myself at an early age I would never let traffic get to me, keeping in mind I’m more like my dad.

        It really is a mental game Anyone can overcome their frustration to traffic – if desired. Or adopt a mind-set from the get-go to never let it bother you. I do realize it’s not easy…

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