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Summer Stuff To Do: Agents Of Discovery Go Exploring In Danville


Looking for a great way to get your youngsters outside this summer? The Town of Danville has a new app that lets them be secret agents, investigating our local parks. As part of Parks Make Life Better Month,  the Town of Danville has partnered with educational technology platform Agents of Discovery to launch a free app available for public use until August 7, 2018.

Agents of Discovery is a state-wide initiative put on by California Park & Recreation Society. About 28 communities and organizations are participating, including Danville. The app will be available for free until August 7, 2018 and is available on both Android and iPhone devices.

Agents of Discovery’s augmented reality (AR) technology is a powerful tool that encourages kids to learn while outside and exploring the world around them. Equipped with a tablet, android or iPhone, users assume the exciting role of a secret agent, completing a ‘mission’ created by the expert park service members. Some of the challenges users can expect are looking for certain structures at specific parks. Once they find a hot spot location they must answer questions. Missions at parks can be played at any time.

For more information on the Agents of Discovery, contact Program Supervisor Tamara Whitney at  (925) 314-3426 ortwhitney@danville.ca.gov.

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