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Police Investigating Altercation At Pleasant Hill BART Station


UPDATE: Sheriff’s deputies arrested an individual found hiding in the brush behind 1173 Las Juntas Way in Walnut Creek at approximately 1:28 p.m.


Police responded to the Pleasant Hill BART station Wednesday after a reported stabbing on Platform 2 of the station.

Officers from Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill are currently searching for the suspect, described as a black male, early 20s, wearing a grey shirt and believed to be carrying a duffel bag and sleeping bag.

Although initial reports were that the victim in the incident had been stabbed, that information was later corrected to reflect that a fight between the suspect and victim had taken place. The extent of the victim’s injuries were not immediately known.

The suspect fled the station and was believed to be in the area. A police search is underway (12:35 p.m.)


  1. Bart is a free for all for drug addicts, the homeless and bad actors. There is minimal patrolling done by Bart PD, bad actors are unchecked. As a regular passenger I’ve seen the escalation of bad behavior and keep wondering when something horrific is going to happen that wakes up Bart.

  2. Shame, it used to be that you mainly saw business suits and well dressed people traveling on BART in this area. Now, there are ALOT of really low end people who just seem to ride the trains for fun; and it seems to harass others. I presume these are the fair gate jumpers that BART looks the other way from? What ever the cause, BART is not so nice to ride anymore. Late at night,it’s downright scary!

  3. It was kind of creepy in the 80’s when I had to ride at night to S.F. From W.C., I imagine it is so more worse now days. As long as we “mollycoddle” bad behavior and let’s the court system (judges) overrule the people, this what we will have!

  4. Just to clarify, the guy was arrested while hiding in the bushes in the backyard of the address stated. Your update has people thinking the resident was the one arrested.

  5. BART is public transportation. It is a shame, but highly predictable. I don’t think anything will wake up BART. You ride public transportation at your own risk – the reason so many people won’t take it. I still take BART sometimes, and it doesn’t bother me at all. I go with the flow, and stay aware of my surroundings at all times. I’m a strategist…

  6. I think mass transit is great in concept but a little dangerous in practice. Many fine people work there and use it but I do not use BART any more.

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