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Meet BadA** Bob From Walnut Creek – Snake Hunter

Reader Submission

Those of you who have been owned by a cat you allowed outdoors know they are often fond of bringing things back to share with you – sometimes really creepy things.

Meet Bob of Walnut Creek. He lives with his human servants on a property at the base of Mt. Diablo and, apparently, the location provides Bob with ample opportunity to do what Bob loves best – hunting rattlesnakes.

His humans say this somewhat chewed-on example is Bob’s fourth Rattler, testament either to Bob’s prowess as a snake hunter or to his luck and many lives, we’re not sure.

Our reader writes: “I know you guys like animal pics…..here is Bob. Bob loves snakes…especially rattlers heads and tails!!

Good luck out there, Bob…


  1. I mean you have to wonder what’s going through their minds. I see this thing – it’s hissing and shaking its tail at me – YES I must pounce on it and shred it!!!! Cats are cool.

  2. Impressive — but I’m afraid one of these days that cat’s gonna roll snake eyes, so to speak. In the meantime, if his owners aren’t keeping the rattler carcasses, I’d love to make a guitar strap out of Bob’s next kill.

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