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2018 Underway In The 24/680 – With Some Surprises


This New Year is upon us here at the Crossroads of Civilization in Contra Costa, and so far 2018 has been great for some but packed with surprises for others.

We’ve gotten several inquiries from readers interested in changes to the state’s laws regarding marijuana sale and use, as well as changes in regulations regarding the sale of guns and ammo. There appears to be a great deal of confusion associated with some of the new laws and it appears it may take some time for everyone to get used to the new way of doing things.

Many local governments maintained skeletal crews over the Holiday, making communication with responsible agencies difficult during breaking news situations, but we understand the fiscal necessities even if we did miss speaking with our “usual contacts.”

That said, our thanks go out to communications professional Geoff Gillette and Police Chief Allan Shields who came through for us in a big way after an arrest in a high-profile, serial burglary case was made in their city a few days after Christmas. Gillette was technically on vacation under a city-mandated furlough period issued for city workers but he soldiered past that to come through for us when the chips were down, so we thank him (and Chief Shields) on behalf of our readers.

Chief Eric Christensen also proved hard to keep down over the Holiday, supplying a key piece of info critical to that ongoing “hot prowl” burglary caper and placing the alleged culprit in his city for an earlier crime. It was nice to get that when we needed it – even if half the population of Lafayette was sunning itself in Cabo or elsewhere at the time.

Thanks to all.

Now we’re back to normal, such as it is around these parts, and we’re watching the President’s personal stock market continue its upward run and wondering if there’s a bubble in there waiting to burst. And speaking of bursting bubbles, Cabo, and burglaries, it appears some of those folks who left us over the Holiday have returned in the last 24 hours to find that burglars had helped themselves to things while they were away.

Apparently San Ramon has been getting hit, lately, though we realize full well it can happen to any of us at any time. They’re just in the crosshairs at the moment.

Talk about a buzzkill. Hope any victims had a great time while away and the responsible agencies are able to recover your belongings. We know that is not fun. On the Social Scene, we noted a great deal of partying going on during this transition into the New Year, some celebrations sedate and catered, some fueled by social media and jello shots – and attended by hundreds. Neighbors contacting this site expressed surprise at the ingenuity and energy of some of the revelers – at least one of whom was found sleeping it off on a (shocked and surprised) neighbor’s lawn the following morning.

As far as we can tell, everyone made it home, though stories of Midnight Excess continue to filter in. We’ll offer one small hint for those hoping to throw a battalion-sized bash in a residential neighborhood – make sure you invite the neighbors and that they come. You don’t want to leave anyone home alone… and angry.

Okay, now we’re into 2018 and we’re hoping better things are ahead for all of us. We shall see.

Party on.


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