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Lafayette PD Links Danville Burglary Suspect To Local “Hot Prowl” Burglary; Property Recovered


From the Lafayette PD:

On Wednesday, December 20, 2017 at 6:10 a.m. LPD Officers were dispatched to a home in the 3400 Block of Hamlin Road for the report of a residential burglary.  Upon the arrival of officers, they found that sometime during the night unknown suspect(s) had entered the occupied home and removed items of personal property.  LPD Officers searched the home for the suspect(s) and no one was found within the home.  LPD Officers learned the two adults within the home had left their wallets and telephones in the office of the home when they went to sleep.   When they readied themselves for work, they were unable to find their cell phones, nor their wallets.  They then found the garage door to the home open.  They also discovered funds from their bank account had been transferred while they slept.

LPD Investigators responded to the home and found the family’s unlocked vehicle that was parked in the driveway had also been entered and searched by unknown suspect(s).  LPD Investigators discovered a vehicle at a neighboring home had also been searched during the night and property removed from it.  Further investigation revealed the garage door opener had been taken from the car parked in the driveway of the burglarized home.  LPD Investigators surmised the unknown suspect(s) had entered the neighborhood to “root” (searching vehicles in a neighborhood for unlocked cars where property can be taken).  While searching unlocked vehicles, the suspect(s) had likely found the garage door opener and activated it, opening the garage door.  The suspect(s) then entered the garage and found the access door to the interior of the home unlocked.  The suspect(s) then entered and searched the unlocked home, removing several items of property and jewelry – while the residents slept.

LPD Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) searched the home for physical evidence which was collected for analysis at the County Crime Lab.

LPD Investigators determined the on-line bank transaction occurred at 3:21 a.m.  Investigators also learned that one of the credit cards removed from the home were used at a retail store in the City of Antioch.  LPD Investigators visited the business and were able to obtain video images of the suspect and his vehicle.  LPD Investigators then began to search for the license plate of the suspect vehicle as it left Lafayette on the morning of the crime.

This morning (12/27/17 at 5:59 a.m.) Danville PD Officers were dispatched to the report of a residential burglary in progress in their City.   While responding to the home, DPD Officers were advised the homeowner had fled the home with her children when she saw an unknown subject hide in her closet.  DPD Officers responded to the home and located the suspect outside of the home with property that he had taken from within the home.   Recognizing the similarities of the two crimes, LPD Investigators requested photos of the suspect and his vehicle from the DPD Officers at the scene.  The photo of the suspect and his vehicle matched the images obtained from the retailer. LPD Investigators responded to Danville PD and interviewed the suspect. They were able to recover property from the suspect that belonged to the Lafayette resident. A search of the suspect’s vehicle yielded additional property from the Lafayette Burglary. During their investigation, LPD Detectives had learned of similar burglaries in other surrounding communities.  Investigators from those agencies were contacted and property from other burglaries was also recovered.

LPD Investigators have been able to confirm the suspect acted alone in perpetrating his crimes.  The suspect entered neighborhoods to search unlocked cars for money and property that he could quickly sell.  When he found a garage door opener in an unlocked car, he would either activate the opener or take the opener – with the intention of returning to burglarize the home.  If the garage door would open, the suspect would enter the garage and the home – knowing that residents were likely inside the home.   He freely moved about the inside the home taking property from rooms where the occupants slept just feet away.   The suspect would then leave the home and sell the stolen property on an internet classified ad site.

Investigation.  LPD Investigators are now working to recover the remainder of the property taken during the burglary and to build their case against the suspect.  LPD Investigators are seeking information from neighbors in the Hamlin Road Neighborhood who may have seen the suspect vehicle or who may have captured an image of the suspect vehicle in the neighborhood on the morning of 12/20/17.  The suspect was believed to be in the neighborhood between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m.  Neighbors with information are asked to contact LPD Investigators through our tip line at94549Tip@gmail.com.


  1. I’m glad no one was hurt. Saddened by the naïve mindset of “the unlocked” – especially in today’s society. We all have our own level of caution. At least they got their stolen property returned. Thank goodness for cameras.

  2. Amazing that these people are able to do this as frequently as they seem to do. The owner in Danville SAW THIS MAN in her home???

  3. Great work by local police and a brave woman. I would lose it if I woke up and found someone in my home. Gives me chills.

  4. Work camp making little ones out of big ones. It takes balls the size of boulders to walk into someone home and steal from them while they sleep. I hope he’s ready to pay a substantial price for the crime.

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