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Things Going Bump In The Night Turn Out To Be Two Guys On The Prowl In Walnut Creek Friday


A resident in Walnut Creek’s Pheasant Run neighborhood heard something or someone moving hear his home at 6 a.m. Friday and, after alerting his family and illuminating the household, apparently managed to scare off the trespassers.

A check of his camera system turned up this video snippet and it makes you wonder what two guys are up to at 6 a.m., both wearing backpacks and both bold enough to enter someone’s backyard without much hesitation.

We thank this reader/neighbor for sending us the video as it gives his immediate neighbors – and by extension the rest of us – something to look for in the future.


  1. I hope no one gets shot during one of these things. There are lots of nervous neighbors out there and some of them have firearms.

  2. They didn’t go bump in the night. 6:00 AM is the morning. Given how brazen they were, I’d say this isn’t their first time at Burglary Rodeo.

    • @Tom – Hey, that’s nighttime to those of us who go to bed at 3 a.m.! But, yes, they looked comfortable. Thinking that second guy was either looking for camera wires or listening to see if they’d been discovered.

  3. There are several of us who walk dogs through that neighborhood at 6 am. We were there Friday, didn’t notice anyone. Will keep a better eye out.

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