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Coffee Shop Thieves Snatch Purse From Lafayette Starbucks Customer Wednesday

Armed robbery at Ruth's Chris in Walnut Creek.

Lafayette police are investigating the latest in a current string of thefts from area coffee shops – this time after a purse was taken from its owner at a Starbucks location in the 3300 block of Mt. Diablo Boulevard Wednesday afternoon.

Officers were dispatched to the coffee shop at 2:29 p.m., learning that a thief had entered the location and taken a purse its owner had placed on her table. Officers said the customer grabbed the purse as well, leading to a brief tug-of-war between the two. Officers said the owner was eventually overpowered and the suspect fled the business through the front door, getting into a waiting car.

One Good Samaritan had the presence of mind to follow the suspect vehicle as it fled east-bound on Mount Diablo Boulevard.  The suspect vehicle entered eastbound Highway 24, where the driver lost sight of it, according to police.

If you have any information about this incident, please contact officers through their tip line 94549tip@gmail.com.


  1. We’re headed for alot more of these events happening, as.criminals are no longer punished ( and rehabilitated ) for these supposedly small crimes…and they know it.

    • @RIL – Working it, RIL. If we had one to give we’d give it but, so far, we have a better description of the car than the snatcher in this one. Woman in the store at the time gave a detailed description of the car on our Facebook. We think the PD declined to put one out ’cause they may be trying to roll them up.

  2. Surprised the women in the Starbucks didn’t tackle this robber drag him back into the stock room and make him? cry for his mommy.

  3. Strange how it always seems to run in cycles. First it was the driveway ripoffs. Then Apple stores. Now this.

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