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Parking Lot Raiders Burglarizing Cars In Lafayette Wednesday, Reader Says

Easy Pickin's. Photo: Reader Submission

It’s happening all over the 24/680 but reader “Aimee” says the prolific nature of local car burglars hit home this morning as thieves pounced on cars in local parking lots – making off with all sorts of items.

“My sister and I were parked at the trail lot on Pleasant Hill and Olympic and her car and another car were broken into,” Aimee wrote.

Apparently thieves were busy at the Safeway and Whole Foods parking lots downtown, as well, and we’ve been reporting similar hits in Moraga and Orinda.

Aimee – and her sister – apparently took what they thought were the necessary precautions before they went for their walk Wednesday: “For the record, our purses were hidden and out of sight. The crooks must have been watching and waiting…”

Our thanks to Aimee and her sister for sharing their experience.

If you can afford to lose it, so be it, but this is happening a lot and the thefts do not appear to be slowing down. You may not want to leave valuables in your car while going on long walks or shopping trips – apparently others are shopping, too.


  1. This is easily avoidable. Don’t leave anything in your vehicle – valuable or not. With the holidays coming, it will only get worse.

  2. Maybe if I left my truck there and unlocked, they could get the Waylon Jennings tape out of the cassette player that’s been stuck since 1998?

    • Okay, well, we’re puttting that one down for “Comment of the Week.” You had us at “pickup truck” and “Waylon Jennings…” Works every time.

  3. Now Candy, why would you want to do that?

    I had a J.J. Cale CD stuck (but thankfully functional) in my VW Thing for years. As far as I know, the new owner hasn’t bothered to get it out, either. ‘Okie’ is a great album, if you haven’t explored it.

  4. Sounds like we need some strategic placement of those fancy new cameras we have been playing with for awhile now.

  5. They smaxh and grab anyhow. Prop 47 and now the new one Prop 57 just lets criminals on the street. It’s a misdemeanor now (like a parking ticket) thanks to our politicians.

  6. I believe the trail parking lots at Olympic and Pleasant are also jurisdiction of East Bay Parks and not Lafayette Police Department. Thought we had something taken only to be mistaken but end up getting passed onto the parks by Lafayette Police Department before we realized everything was fine.

    I don’t even like leaving anything valuable in the trunk anymore if I can avoid it. Its just too easy and takes no time at all for someone to take something out of a car if they want too.

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