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Aaaaand We’re Off! It’s Election Day In The USA!

Nice turnout in Martinez. Photo: Pamela Dunn

Voters in 24/680 Land turned out to exercise their right as citizens in Contra Costa County Tuesday, with heavier than expected turnouts at several local polling places and citizens waiting expectantly for first news in the nation’s presidential race.



  1. I vote absentee, but drop it off at the polls. It was busy this morning in Orinda, but I was just dropping off two ballots, so no line for me.

  2. I exercised my right as an American citizen. Thankfully there was a bar just around the corner from my polling station. That made things a little bit easier.

  3. Wow. I’m stunned at the results so far. Not a fan of HRC, but just don’t understand the support for Trump. How embarrassing.

  4. I’m also stunned at the results so far. As a moderate, I don’t understand the support for Trump either. Sadly, there are people who really think he can close the borders, or change the country. It scares me to think Trump might be our president.

    I was just reading a CNN exit report e-mail sent to me, and it’s uneducated whites who are strongly supporting Trump. And white men in general, especially married, older white men.

    Lastly, like I told my husband this morning, and my Mom this evening. There are too many Americans who refuse to vote for a woman. If Trump wins, I believe that will be the main reason.

  5. As Garrison Keillor put it today in the Wa Post, let the uneducated carry the burden of Trump, Christie, Giuliani, et al. It is the turn of the willfully ignorant who flail at the wheel of the ship with anger and no purpose. They will reap the results. All the young will reap the results. Garrison and I are old. We will make our objections peacefully in the streets. When not protesting, we plan to enjoy a few craft beers and scotch because that is what is left to us.
    But for the young, know that this too shall pass.

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