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Every Rocker’s Dream Come True – Topped By A Stage Dive Into The Pit


What true Air Guitar Ace or hairbrush Beyonce hasn’t had the fantasy? You’re a singer or major guitar thrasher out in the audience when, who knows, Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day notices the sign proclaiming your virtuosity on guitar and pulls you onstage.


Time to put up or shut up, Kanye. It can go wrong, or it can go right. It went pretty dang right for Thomas Bulvan at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago a few nights ago after the Green Day front man spotted Bulvan’s sign proclaiming his ability to “play every song on Dookie,” and handed him a lifelong memory along with Armstrong’s favored Fernandes Strat “Blue.”

Count it down, buddy, you had us rocking…


  1. Pretty cool but a part of me wonders if this isn’t some sort of a band set up. I mean I’ve never seen video of anyone getting up there and really horribly failing. Or do those guys just slink offstage and die somewhere?

  2. Rock Love. That’s what my son calls it. He’s been practicing for more than four years to do something just like this. Maybe he’ll get his chance, it will make it all worthwhile.

    • Rock Love… good one. We’ve been practicing again since we saw this vid. The neighbors are seeking a restraining order…

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