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Two People Struck After Leaving Their Car On I-680 In Walnut Creek Tuesday


California Highway Patrol investigators are attempting to unravel details surrounding an incident on northbound I-680 at Ygnacio Valley Road Tuesday in which two people – reportedly trying to cross the freeway after their car was disabled in an accident – were struck and injured.

Multiple witnesses reported seeing the pair leaving a car either stalled or disabled in a prior accident in the southbound direction, jump the concrete center divide and attempt to cross the busy freeway – where they were struck in the “slow lanes” in the northbound direction.

Both people reportedly suffered major, life-threatening injuries.

Investigators determined that a silver Honda Accord was originally traveling southbound on I-680 behind a grey Toyota Sienna. The Honda apparently rear ended the Toyota Sienna and both parties, including a witness, pulled over to the center divider just south of Ygnacio Valley Road, on the southbound side of I-680.

A CHP spokesman said at this point no parties were injured in this “minor damage”  collision, but that as an involved party began to dial 911, the white male driver and white female passenger of the silver Honda Accord, jumped over the center divider and began running through the northbound lanes of traffic on I-680.

At that moment, according to the CHP, a Maroon Hyundai Sonata traveling northbound on I-680 in the #2 lane, struck both pedestrians, causing the male and female to be catapulted to the right-hand shoulder.

Both parties were transported by ambulance to John Muir medical center in Walnut Creek. The driver of the Honda Sonata did not sustain any injuries.

It his unknown at this time if alcohol or drugs were involved but this is an ongoing investigation. If anyone witnessed either of these collisions or has information regarding them, please contact Contra Costa CHP and investigating Officer Adolphson

Traffic was stalled in both directions for about an hour after the incident was first reported at 8:15 a.m. Emergency crews reportedly had some difficulty reaching the scene initially due to the resultant backup.


    • We were, too, Caroline… stuck in it ourselves. Writing story posts from the front seat (while we were stopped, of course!).

  1. I hope they’re okay. Why anyone would jump the center divider and run across I-680 at 8:15 a.m. in busy traffic is beyond me. What were they going to do when they got to the other side? What were they running from?

  2. Why try to make it across the northbound direction? Why not try to make it off from the southbound side, wouldn’t that of been easier?

  3. Running across a freeway is about the stupidest thing you can do. I hope this foolish mistake does not cost them their lives. I pray for a full and swift recovery.

  4. We were pretty angry about getting caught in the traffic jam until we heard that two people were so seriously injured.

  5. I just can’t understand why someone would do that. I would really have to be motivated to step out onto that freeway.

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