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Orinda Police Stop Suspected Burglars After Window Smash On Broadview Terrace Saturday

Photo: File

Orinda police officers fell in behind a car carrying suspected burglars after an apparent break-in attempt on Broadview Terrace around 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

According to passersby who contacted this site, the car was occupied by at least two women in their 20s. The car they were in was stopped by police on Moraga Way minutes after a neighbor reported it on Broadview. Officers were examining items found in the car for possible ties to earlier crimes.

The two women in the car at the time were detained by police.

A home in the unit block of Broadview Terrace was found to have a broken rear window shortly after police detained the women. It was not immediately known if items were taken from that home.

We’ll update this story as additional details come to light.


  1. I think female burglars are on the rise. A friend of mine was recently burglarized, and one of the items stolen was “a butterfly note pad, with a matching gel pen.” Only a lady would steal that. It’s not worth anything…

  2. East Coaster here. When I moved here I was crushed to discover the stores don’t sell Fluff. So, I took to ordering a case from Amazon. A few years ago we were robbed and they took my case of Fluff. I hope they rotted their teeth.

  3. Fascinating. Like a Facebook quiz that tells you who you are by asking 20 seemingly random questions, I’m thinking we should all lay out 20 items in our homes such that, if robbed, we will be able to ID the robber based on what was taken or left behind….

    • Interesting concept… though most of the burglars we’ve encountered just throw everything they can into a pillow case and boogie!

    • Still waiting for an update/confirmation, Alice. Believe the case may have some “legs,” that is, be leading investigators in still more directions…

  4. Or in the case of my friend who was burglarized (former neighbors in La Jolla), they have the burglars on camera. Two men and two women. The women stole the note pad off her bedside table, and “flipped through it” before sticking it in her pocket. She also tried the pen to make sure it worked.

    If our home is ever burglarized, they’ll be caught on camera. I wouldn’t want to see what went on. Let my husband and the police handle it.

  5. Congratulations to OPD and two thumbs up to the quick thinking OPD Cadet for keeping a sharp eye out and spotting the vehicle while responding to another call. Way to get the criminals behind bars, Kudo’s to OPD for having a cadet program and a BIG THANKS to the boys who volunteer for the program.

    • Uh, no word from OPD on this one, thus far… but a bunch of folks apparently saw the end result. If indeed a cadet had a hand in spotting the involved car (we don’t doubt you, just looking for confirmation) they may want to expedite his cadet training and get him in a black and white! Thanks for writing with that…

  6. I heard while responding to another call, a OPD cadet spotted the car and told the driving officer to stop because he spotted the vehicle that was wanted in the burglaries. Nice catch kid!

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