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Wags Weigh In On Future Of Moraga’s $3.5 Million Sinkhole – Downtown Swimming Center?


Locals venturing downtown to Moraga’s suburban core of late have been coming up with suggestions for finalizing the work Mother Nature started when steady rainfall opened up a sinkhole at the corner of Autohaus Stuttgart March 13.

“Moraga’s Grand Canyon” may not be as big as those we’ve seen in Florida and other parts of the country, subterranean chambers opening up beneath homes and buses and swallowing anything unlucky enough to be on the surface, but it is – literally – the biggest thing in Moraga, at present.

The repair bill to fix the maw is currently at the $3.5 million mark. Requests for state assistance to help with the fix has prompted some more frugal-minded citizens to come up with alternative future uses for the Great Depression nature has already started.

Chief among those suggestions has been a new downtown swimming center – because we just don’t seem to have enough swimming pools in town – as well as a new underground parking garage for Rheem Center patrons who can never seem to find a spot when hurrying in for a Nation’s burger on a busy Friday night.

You’re welcome to submit your own solution, we’ve been getting a ton of them, including one for “Lescaux,” a French-themed underground bistro with Moraga-appropriate cave drawings – and “Days of ’49,” an eatery with a mining theme authentic down to wait staff in headlamps and ore cart dessert service.

And, yes, we’ve heard more than one “Poltergeist” reference, with pranksters quick to point out what happened when townspeople started mucking around with a hole in their neighborhood.


  1. How about a Central Florida Theme Park?

    A giant compost bin with drive-thru service?

    On second thought, those might be one and the same.

    Where’s my wine?

  2. They find any old Saklan grinding bowls or arrowtips down there??? Or golf balls from the old driving range?

  3. Three and a half million????? They’re going to have to sell a ton of pies at the Pear Festival this year…..

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