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Suspected Burglar Runs From Walnut Creek PD Thursday; Impacts Fence – BART Commute

Photo: WCPD

A suspected burglar attempting to elude Walnut Creek police sped away from officers, crashed into fencing bordering BART property at Jones and Walden roads and had to be physically subdued before he was taken into custody, according to police.

Joel Steffensen, whose age and hometown was not immediately provided, is currently in custody and receiving medical attention for injuries suffered in the crash, police said. He will be transferred to the county jail once he is cleared by doctors.

Officers said the incident begin the midst of a the morning commute as they responded to a report of a residential burglary in progress at a home in the 2700 block of Walnut Blvd.

Officers arriving on the scene encountered a man later identified as Steffensen, who fled from them in a nearby car, and who reportedly collided with another car as he fled north on Walnut Blvd.

The collision caused minor damage to the opposing vehicle but no injury to its driver, according to police.

Steffensen passed a Contra Costa Sheriff’s patrol car during the chase and deputies joined the pursuit, Steffensen’s car crashing into a fence on BART property.

Pursuing deputies and WCPD officers reportedly found the suspect hiding a short distance away and engaged in a short foot pursuit. Steffensen was taken into custody after a brief struggle, according to police.

Steffensen was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries he sustained in the collision. Police said he was on parole and placed under arrest for multiple charges.

The morning BART commute was significantly impacted as transit officials worked to remove Steffensen’s damaged car from their property.


  1. Has anyone noticed the trend that almost every crime being reported as being done by someone out on parole for another crime?
    I just love this proposition 47 revolving door where you don’t go to jail if you steal, forge, rip-offl less than $950……free to go try to commit more crimes tomorrow.
    When are the politicians going to realize that your average citizen who works hard as hell and pays all the taxes is being blighted by this?
    **** There was actually hope last week of revisions to proposition 47 that would have corrected these loopholes.
    The revisions were sought by police groups and community groups, but it was killed by the no votes of the four Democrats on the committee. (the two Republican committee members voted for the amendment).
    It’s a shame,so expect this crime wave to continue. (why is it that the Democrat officials seem to have contempt for the mainstay citizen tax payer, but champion all the other special interest groups and criminals)

  2. Thanks Greg. Didn’t realize damn Democrats voted that revision down.
    I hope they get their homes burglarized by these meth addicted punks and understand our frustration at this ridiculous law.

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