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Man Suspected Of Lamorinda Car Theft, Burglaries Arrested In Antioch

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The following comes from our brother site, East County Today:

On January 26, at 4:07 pm, an Antioch Police Officer arrested a 24-year-old man who had stolen property, including a firefighters uniform.

Police arrested Marcus Griffin, 24, after an officer noticed a Honda Odyssey with no license plates parked in front of 23 Rossi Ave.

According to police, Griffin tried to quickly exit the vehicle upon seeing the officer. Griffin was detained without incident and the vehicle was determined to be stolen out of Orinda.

Investigators said the car contained a large amount of stolen property, including a full firefighter’s uniform from the Berkeley Fire Dept. The officer was able to track down victims and confirm that the car contained stolen property from at least three different burglaries in Berkeley, Orinda, and Moraga.

Griffin was booked into the county jail for auto theft and possession of stolen property.


  1. Seems all our criminals seem to come out of Pittsburg ,Antioch and Oakland..hmmm
    And I bet you anything that most all were on parole!… call me old fashioned, but I sure wish that Governor Brown and President Obama would stop releasing all these criminals from jail.

    • Spitballing here but what better way to engender “instant trust” than to show up on someone’s doorstep ID’ing yourself as a firefighter (and in full uniform) and saying: “We’ve had a report of a gas leak, could you leave the house while we look around?”

  2. People will steal anything that isn’t nailed down. And a uniform is a way to gain trust. Unless you knock on our door. We’ll ask for a badge, and call the department (for verification) before we let you in. “In God We Trust,” all others are subject to “the two of us.” We’re cut out of the same cloth. I’m glad he was arrested.

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