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Okay, Armchair Detectives And Car Buffs – What Kind Of Car Is This?

Lafayette PD request your help in ID'ing this car. Photo: Lafayette PD

From Chief Eric Christensen in Lafayette:

“Well it has been a while since we last played this game, but here we go again. This is from a recent auto burglary that we had in town. The suspects used a vehicle with false plates attached to the vehicle.  Can you please ask your readers to take a look at the tail light pattern and tell me what kind of car they think it is?”LPDCARId

Sure, chief, happy to help. We know quite a few people who love this game. Let’s see what they come up with…

Make and model and year would be nice, maybe the color of the upholstery. And if you happen to know who was driving it at the time… bonus points!


  1. As bizarre as it sounds, it matches Ferrari F12 rear end. The only other rear end like that is the Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ.

  2. This is definitely a crossover or small SUV. Look how high the top brake light is in the second photo. I still say Matrix or some other Toyota car.

  3. I see the Ferrari thing but can’t see them in that high end of a car. That’s a lot of do re mi unless they stole it too. Realize this is at night and on video but without clearer pictures I think we’ll only be able to come close. I don’t think it’s a mini and I’m thinking maybe it’s a crossover like Amanda suggests. Maybe if we could see the video of it moving and braking? Or are they holding that back??

  4. I have no idea what kind of car it is. I miss the days where you could actually tell what type of vehicle someone is driving with just one glance. Day or night. I doubt it is a Ferrari. Where are you people from? Lamorinda or something.

  5. Maybe they’re the taillights of the small SUV that the San Ramon police are looking for in connection to a home burglary?!?!

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