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There are many ways for you to be seen or heard at News24/680. Have a comment on one of our stories? Drop a comment in the comment stream at the bottom of every story.

Include a picture of yourself, or choose a representative avatar if you’re shy, and see who responds to you in our “Look Who’s Talking!” carousel. Want to sound off about a local issue? Consider writing a Letter to the Editors. “Letters” must be signed, of course, and come with contact information so that we can verify you as their author, but if there’s a local issue you want to talk about, this is a great way to do it. Planning an event? Consider adding it – with a photo and details – to our Events Calendar. And if you have a news tip or just want to talk to an editor about coverage you can always write us offline, too, using the news@news24/680.com email address.



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