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Continued Pyro Use Leading To More Aggro For Fire-Weary Locals

"Flash" Photo

Independence Day has passed but people are still shooting red-hot missiles into tinder-dry fields, apparently. This time in San Ramon.

Flash Reader photos from a fire on Promontory Circle in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. If you’re thinking of touching off some pyrotechnics near a field or homes in your neighborhood, you may want to reconsider.

A lot of people would sleep a lot easier.


  1. “Aggro”…that’s a new word to me!
    I’m thinking you’re referring to aggravation? Or agriculture? The other new word I’ve heard this week was Merch”..which I gather means merchandise. I know “cred” means street credentials.. I don’t think my English teacher would have approved of any of these slang terms. Thank God I educated when I was!

    • Aggro – British slang, eg, exasperation, irritation. Aggro.

      Nope. We may have been influenced by far too many trips to the UK and a few very nice English girlfriends, but we generally pick expressive words to convey what we mean and most people seem to get us, English and Yanks alike!

    • No word yet but if its the same kids they qualified as fire starters in the 5th and neighbors are more than pissed off. They get caught its not going to go well for them.

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