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Garbage Truck Fire Turns I680 Into A Hot Mess

From "Tricia"

Garbage truck catches fire and burns to the rims on I680 north at Monument Boulevard in Pleasant Hill – pitching area traffic into chaos.

Freeway shut down northbound and limited in the opposing direction. The backup is extensive and people are… unhappy. Crews also battled fire spreading into adjacent vegetation.


  1. Started at 0914 and still smoke at 1500 hours as we drove past it.
    City streets are a mess and traffic will only get worse as we get closer to evening time

  2. Thank you to all the fire, police, and tow truck operators who were tied up with this one. It’s interesting to see how people trapped on the roadway react to these situations; was a hot 3 hrs watching it all.

    Any word on the driver of the truck?

    • EBT story says it ran on compressed natural gas (CNG) and due to massive explosion risk, was allowed to burn itself out.

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