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Thieves Break Into Car On Danville Freeway Offramp, Purse Stolen

Photo: DPD

A woman believed to have been followed onto southbound I680 after a shopping trip to Walnut Creek was robbed by two men who smashed her car window on the El Cerro freeway offramp while she was stopped at the light, one of the pair reaching in to take her purse.

The victim was examined and treated at the scene for possible cuts from broken glass. It was not clear if the suspects dropped her purse or if they also attempted to take the victim’s car. The handbag was later recovered by the victim.

Police were reportedly looking for two black males in a black 4-door Mitsubishi, possibly with out of state plates.

UPDATE: Local news presenter Heather Holmes has self-identified as the victim in this case.


  1. Yippee ki yay, it’s The Wild West out there. That’s my off ramp, the suspects are lucky I wasn’t there.

    Firestone 11R

    • Yippee ki yay
      “That’s my off ramp”
      Yes, that’s where it happened. That’s where it happened, Deputy Dawg. I personally don’t believe that luck was an element here. I personally believe that you are not the crime stopper that you profess that you are. I suggest that you get some help. When crime-stopping becomes your personal obsession, that’s probably a signal that you need some professional perspective.

    • Yeah, boyeeee….Them crooks are lucky I wasn’t there cuz then I’d have, ya know, well, I don’t know what I would have done because I wouldn’t have done anything….but I’m here telling you all what I could have done if I was there, which I wasn’t.

      • I would have proned them out at gunpoint, yes, I always carry a gun. Trained that way at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department .

        Firestone 11R

        • You’re almost always everywhere, just about close to being just a second away from the next crime that you could surely have prevented had the perp only waited for you to drive by and give you time to fumble for your gun. Thank goodness you’re always a bit late.

        • Never forget the pillars of self defense claim.


          Even then becton could still bring charges. Hope you have ccw insurance.

          • Never forget the evidence. Guilty or not guilty on the evidence. Never forget the rule of law. And, if you don’t believe in it, well, I still believe that’s not gonna work out for you as you would like.

    • I can’t tell if you’re one of those conspiracy nuts hiding behind a screen or a right wing trollbot. Either way, go away already.

  2. Per KNTV, Channel 11 news report at 7.0am Sunday morning, the victim was shopping in Nordstrom, Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek. Police believe victim was targeted inside Nordstrom, whilst shopping, subsequently following victim to the car park area. Suspects then followed the party on I-680 to the southbound El Cerro Road exit to perpetrate robbery of victim’s pocketbook.

    People need to be observant and know their surroundings. However, it’s easy to be become complacent and drop-their-guard as people think they are in a safe environment, with a mindset that violent crime ‘won’t happen here’. Crime doesn’t know town or city limits!

  3. We will often sit at Nordstrom’s outdoor E bar to have coffee under the umbrellas. Very pleasant place. But we’ve seen a lot of really sketchy looking people lately walking around there. They never seem to be shopping. (or at least buying things) we’ve always tempered our observations of such individuals so we would not be judgmental. I guess some judgement does need to be applied afterall.

  4. “They never seem to be shopping. (or at least buying things) we’ve always tempered our observations of such individuals so we would not be judgmental. I guess some judgement does need to be applied afterall.”
    Or, maybe that was my wife window shopping, which she does. And, she is definitely “they” because of her skin color, definitely sketchy. So, go get her, Mr. “not judgmental”, Mr. “temperate” in your observations.
    But if I see you, don’t expect me to be so understanding of your faux liberalism.

    • David- I can understand your concern about people calling others “sketchy” likely because of the color of their skin, but there’s more to sketchy. Young males (or females) trolling around high end shopping centers, with masks on outside could be considered sketchy despite what color their skin is.

      Many people have done their best over the years to not to pre-judge or make assumptions about people with diverse backgrounds, but when most news reports are describing the perpetrators as groups of young men of color, how do you not pay attention to those folks who seem to stand out by not shopping, at least not for retail goods? You call it faux liberalism, but to me, not paying attention is naive.

      I am always going to be on the alert for people who look like they have other motivations while I am shopping, pay attention to people following me on the road, and always put my purse on the floor with the strap wrapped around the gear shifter. No need to call me, or others, a faux liberal just because we don’t want to be a victim.

  5. I’ve sat distracted at that offramp, fiddling with the radio probably, more times than I count. Would never expect to be attacked like that, how scary.

    I’ve always enjoyed all the news reporting by KTVU over the years and never noticed an anti law enforcement slant.

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