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“You Are About To Embark Upon The Great Crusade…”


“(Eisenhower) wandered through the formless groups of soldiers, stepping over packs and guns. The faces of the men had been blackened with charcoal and cocoa to protect against glare and to serve as camouflage.

“He stopped at intervals to talk to the thick clusters of soldiers gathering around him. He asked their names and homes.

“Texas, sir!” one replied. “Don’t worry, sir, the 101st is on the job and everything will be taken care of in fine shape.” Laughter and applause.

Another soldier invited Eisenhower down to his ranch after the war.

“Where are you from, soldier?” “Missouri, sir.” “And you, soldier?” “Texas, sir.” Cheers, and the roll call of the states went on, “like a roll of battle honors,” one observer wrote, as it unfolded, affirming an “awareness that the General and the men were associated in a great enterprise.”


  1. The greatest, toughest generation! If another WW happened today we’d be screwed with how soft today’s young people are. “…..Good Times make soft people.”

  2. That generation survived the Great Depression. Big contrast to the current generation of wannabe Tik Tok influencers. You have to experience some deprivation or at least know of it through historical study to comprehend the hurt that can come from blithely going along to get along. If you are not a political actor, you are a political pawn.

  3. My father is still alive at 99 years. He served in WWII and the Korean War. He grew up poor and fished for extra protein. He can’t stand waste and will repurpose materials, like take an old gate and use the wood to build a compost bin. He is really tough and survived esophagus cancer for the past 11 years. We expect to celebrate his 100th birthday next year. He makes to do lists and fixes things in the house and garden. Keep moving. Find Purpose.

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