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Man Allegedly Barricades Himself In Car After I680 Crash; San Ramon PD/CHP Close Freeway

Screenshot from DOT Camera

A man in a Mini Cooper reportedly crashed the auto into the trees alongside Interstate I680 at Bollinger Canyon in San Ramon – then allegedly barricaded himself inside the vehicle, prompting an armed response by police and closure of the freeway and adjacent roads.

Passersby who stopped to help said the man was talking about a weapon and proceeded to barricade himself inside the vehicle at approximately 5:26 pm.

Officers on the scene called for a SigAlert at the crash scene, police requesting an armored car and ballistic shields before making any attempt to approach the vehicle. At this point (6:14pm) it was not known if a weapon was actually seen inside the man’s car.

The freeway and adjacent San Ramon Valley Boulevard were closed out of an abundance of caution before the unidentified driver was ordered out of his car and taken into custody for driving under the influence of drugs. No gun was located or ever seen, according to police. Two vehicles were involved in the crash with minor injuries resulting.


  1. What kind of barricade material is normally available within a Mini Cooper? A phone, a sweater vest, and maybe a footlong sandwich?

    • Hey, you can do a lot with some old Fish & Chip wrappers, your sister’s missing tuna casserole dish, and the tofu container that slipped out of your groceries and has been percolating under the passenger seat for a month…

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