Home Courts Rape, Robbery Charges For Berkeley Man Suspected Of North Concord BART Attack

Rape, Robbery Charges For Berkeley Man Suspected Of North Concord BART Attack


From the Office of the District Attorney:

Martinez, California – Larry Dean Ridge, Jr., 40, of Berkeley has been charged by the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office with a three-count felony complaint for forcible rape, assault, and second-degree robbery against a female victim in Concord.

The incident occurred on April 8th around 6:30 pm near the North Concord BART station. The victim was walking on a pedestrian/bike trail when Ridge allegedly pushed the victim to the ground and proceeded to rape her. The victim was able to strike Ridge, who grabbed the victim’s purse and stole her cell phone and wallet. He left the purse as he fled toward the BART station.

A witness biking on the trail was able to help the victim to the BART station, where a station agent called 911.

Concord Police officers arrived at the station shortly after and were able to locate and detain Ridge, who was on a BART train. After both the victim and the witness identified him as the assailant, he was arrested by officers.

Today, (Thursday, April 11) Ridge was arraigned in Martinez on the charges, including special allegations for prior serious or violent felonies in another county. He’s being held in the Martinez Detention Facility.

His bail has been set at $1,250,000.


  1. Ridge should still be in prison on a life sentence for murder, arising from a 2004 drive-by shooting in West Oakland with two fatalities, which Ridge participated in but was not the triggerman. He’s only out because of a 2018 legislative enactment, SB 1437, which limited accomplice/accessory liability.

    The bill was sponsored by Nancy Skinner out of Berkeley, with Rob Bonta and Scott Wiener as co-sponsors. Steve Glazer voted in favor of it. All of the foregoing, and their supporters and voters, share some responsibility for this rape. Elections have consequences. (Rebecca Bauer-Kahan’s predecessor voted against it, but if Bauer-Kahan had been in office she probably would have voted for it.)

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