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Videos Of Locust Street Brawl In Walnut Creek Raising Concerns Monday


WARNING: The following videoclip includes profane language, violence, and repetitive vocalizations – NSFW.

Videos of a violent series of fights outside the Fuego Tequila Grill on Locust Street in Walnut Creek Easter Sunday has many of those who have seen them asking questions about security at the club and on the street outside.

Two videos of a lengthy street fight outside the club depict one man throwing punches at males and females alike from behind a yellow metal barrier, dropping at least two while others are pushed to the ground.

While the camera perspective shifts and the videographer comments on developments, attention shifts to a series of scuffles in the street outside the club, with one man down and kicked at least twice in the face – once by someone wearing a “security” hoodie – with the swinging camera lens capturing images of a man with a bloodied face and a woman down on the ground.

There was no immediate explanation of what triggered the brawl. Walnut Creek police were apparently called and may have detained two people, reportedly describing those involved as “uncooperative” with no one willing to talk about what transpired.


  1. Guess what I’m going to say……………………………………………………YI HAW, YIPPIE KI YAY!!!!!!!!!! IT’S THE WILD WEST OUT THERE and our local DA does not care, most of the WC city council doesn’t care. Me, always ready for that kind of shit.

    Firestone 11R

    • CCDA Diana Becton is up for reelection in ‘26 if she’s not recalled before then. If you want safer communities and tougher law enforcement, exercise your right to vote accordingly.

      • Amen to this. Becton won with an appallingly low voter turnout. Sadly the challenge is get people motivated to vote (which is pathetic).

      • A different DA matching the agenda you seek will not stop incidents like this from happening. There’s reasons these kinds of things happen and who the DA is is not one of them. Police staffing, how it’s carried out etc…that’s not the job of the District Attorney.

        • Leadership matters. This is why we each get a vote. I believe that local law enforcement is entrusted to apply the laws enacted by our politicians and coordinate with DA’s on their priorities.

  2. Who granted this liquor purveyor a “license to kill” in Walnut Creek? I recall Ms. Silva stating on camera, not too long ago, that Walnut Creek should become a diverse city, but would it not generate a greater sense of diversity and community, and even income, by establishing cultural centers, art museums, dance studios, foreign language bookstores, international cuisine fine dining restaurants, etc., than having establishments that attract a bunch of drunks who tend to drive in from as far as Manteca and Lancaster for the booze and drugs? And, as evidenced in this video, to punch on women? ON WOMEN!!! I don’t recall many brawls or women being punched out at Lark Creek or Le Virage. What a fine example is being set here to the youngsters of this once-classy city! THIS IS NOT DIVERSITY; IT’S TELLING THE WORLD THAT IT’S PERFECTLY FINE FOR MEN TO ABUSE WOMEN…IN WALNUT CREEK!!

    • More like from Brentwood Antioch and Oakland. Well you guys in walnut creek got your retail outlet shopping and bars so you got what you wanted. Walnut creek has always attracted turds by putting revenue of these turdstablishments over peoples safety going back to Crogans.

      • There was that short timer bar that held hip-hop events (fights), until the city shut them down.

        Firestone 11R

  3. I’m with Paula. The type of clientele that exhibits this type of behavior should not feel welcome in this community. What I saw was alien like and I would encourage a strong law enforcement presence to control it.

  4. Walnut Creek hosted plenty of drunken brawls for decades before the current DA was elected. Its perplexing how many people reflexively ascribe political causality to a single amusing but generally unremarkable incident.

    • Campo,

      Sure there was an occasional punch thrown at Crogans or 1515 or Stadium Pub, but extremely rare to have multiple individuals and have it spill out into the street.

      This would have been the perfect situation to lay down a fog of bear spray.

      Firestone 11R

    • Interesting comments. Are you the DA? Were women being beaten on the streets by men during these brawls of yesteryear you referenced? Your dismissive comments may lead readers to believe you’re okay with abuse and crime against women.

      • Loved all three of those bars back in my twenties. Pretty sure 1515 got shutdown for a year or had their license revoked can’t remember. I used to live in Walnut Creek behind the old Safeway near broadway plaza. Good city still very safe. Get a ccw and protect yourself if you don’t feel so.

  5. This is why we now avoid WC as much as possible. Obviously, not locals. The city has encouraged this kind of behavior by wanton development and an underfunded police force. BTW, they managed to run in the red as their “tax base” has expanded. Been in the area since the ’70’s. What a mess. No need to go there. Let these folks pay the city’s bills. We’re out. Enjoy the chaos.

  6. Okay…so now the inference is that Walnut Creek leaders opened the gates, and in came rushing the gangstas? Two very different themes. Gang violence is nothing to be taken lightly.

    It’s very interesting that the commercial media outlets, TV stations and rags, bypassed this story. Perhaps it’s evidence of the powers that run this city.

    Again, why is the City granting permits to businesses that do not foster a safe and positive community environment?

    Who decided that Walnut Creek should be a nightlife party town destination?

    Who decided that Walnut Creek should be the ruffians’ playground?

    Why allow more than five bars to remain open into the early morning hours?

    Why give the impression that the PD’a main focus is the retail and entertainment section of town, and the residents can go ahead and gun up to fend for themselves?

    Is the city broke to the point that sound decisions are being bypassed? Or, is there something deeper, more sinister at play?

    Am just very disappointed by the decisions and effort to ruin this city. Are we fresh out of at-risk cities in the Bay Area that one of the last safe harbors has to take it in the keister?

    Walnut Creek has one main library and one satellite campus; meanwhile, there are about 10 bars between the Olympic and Third Avenue corridor.

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