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Alamo-Danville Pursuit Ends With Shredded Rubber, Scuffle With Officers In Walnut Creek


A wild, slow-speed tour of Alamo and Danville ended with a northward approach into south Walnut Creek ultimately brought to a halt by a set of spike strips and a convoy of law enforcement vehicles after a ramming and scuffle at S. Main and Brentwood Court Friday night.

Sheriff’s deputies were in pursuit of grey Lexus after the driver allegedly rammed a vehicle in the parking lot of Alamo Plaza, reportedly narrowly missing a man and his infant child, the victim notifying police. The driver of the offending vehicle reportedly exited their vehicle and started punching the caller’s vehicle as police arrived.

The Lexus driver allegedly sped south on Danville Boulevard with deputies in pursuit, leading police on a tour of area surface streets before abruptly turning north and heading toward Walnut Creek.

Police deployed a spike strip near Rudgear Road and flattened the suspect vehicle’s tires, the car coming to a stop at S. Main and Brentwood where the driver was pulled from the vehicle and a short scuffle initiated during which a taser was deployed and a full-body wrap was used.


    • Well, we were all somewhere at 8:15, and we all had nothing to do with the story, same as you. Thanks for the update.

    • This is very rare for Alamo.. I can imagine this scenario definitely in Oakland and possibly even Walnut Creek but not Alamo. Welcome to the new Wild West as Jeff always says.

      • You have a stunted imagination. Criminals have wheels. This location is readily accessible from a primary north/south transportation corridor.

          • Well, that’s all very interesting, but this crime happened yesterday, and vehicle violence was not beyond imagining.

  1. Wow! Sounds like an after-Oscars party, especially with a full body wrap and “punching the caller’s vehicle”. This ain’t no ordinary collar. These people are precious.

  2. I can’t tell from the photo if he was only wearing socks or not. Thoughts? Somehow it really matters to my determination of his sanity if he was doing all this while shoeless.

    • I dunno. Lots of people suffer from mental illness and never assault anyone.

      Maybe this guy just a hotheaded jerk?

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