Home Photos Walnut Creek Becomes California’s First “Domed City”

Walnut Creek Becomes California’s First “Domed City”


Residents of New Walnut Creek enjoy protection from the elements with an improved protective shield. Those power bills are going to be a pain, though…


  1. A Dome over Walnut Creek means great weather all year. That is great for outdoor sports teams
    Lets bring the A’s to Heather Park
    Build an open stadium that allows the views of Mt. Diablo to be seen by all.
    The Architect whom was in involved in the two Stadiums built in Seattle

  2. Went for a walk at about 5 pm, give or take a bit. The lower extension, right hand side, was brilliantly radiant from Walden Park. Scorching, like nothing I’ve seen. And we got a brief glimpse of that second rainbow as well. Was out for a run, didn’t have cell.

    • Not a problem, Rick… turned out to be one of the most oft-photographed Double Bo’s of the Season! Enjoy that run…

  3. I went to help my dad on putting a tarp over his truck/home so water would not drip in. And on the way back to my wife I see beautiful full rainbow. Called my wife and told her run outside with your phone hurry.from Pullman apt. In Richmond ca.we took pictures of rainbow,we been going through some stressful times and this rainbow made wife and I feel like everything is going to be ok. Just keep on pushing forward and having faith on Jesus Christ our lord and savior will come out of the storm to see a brighter day

  4. “Is good movie,” Ivan offered, high as a Chinese spy balloon.

    “That settles it then. Dinner at seven, movie at eight… Ivan plays Calvera.”

    Enjoyed your book!!

  5. My dog crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday, and it was national puppy day! He would’ve been 14 years next month. I love you forever Miso. This rainbow is for you ❤️

  6. Where is the rest of the story? That’s a Great opening paragraph. You’ve created quite a mental picture there!

  7. They were Spectacular weren’t they?! My wife and I are dog sitting for our daughter and we saw 4 rainbows that Friday evening from the apartment balcony in Walnut Creek, within the span of about 90 minutes.
    I couldn’t believe it!!
    To see one rainbow was Wonderful; followed by another which was Awesome; and then the Fabulous Finale of a Double Rainbow which was absolutely DELIGHTFUL!

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