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Moraga Birds Find The TARDIS! Can Dr. Who Be Far Behind?

Toshiko Eng Photo

Fans of birds and British television are getting a kick out of the appearance of an avian ‘TARDIS’ – ‘Time and Relative Dimension in Space’ for the uninitiated – which turned up recently on a signpost at the corner of Shuey and Camino Pablo in MoTown.

Local Toshiko Eng made the discovery, noted that local wingies were popping in for a visit and returning several years later sooo… that TARDIS is really working well.

The ‘TARDIS’ acronym was coined by Susan, Doctor Who’s granddaughter on the famed television series. A Type 40 capsule crafted by the Time Lords, the TARDIS is the Doctor’s chosen craft for traveling in time and space.

Fans know that when it landed in London in 1963, the TARDIS took the shape of a British Police Box, a telephone booth with a hotline to the nearest police station, which police and the public could use in emergencies, and which was a common sight in Britain before constables were issued those fancy new two-way radios.

“I love this birdhouse guy!” Eng raved. “He must be a Dr. Who fan too!! Happy Friday!”


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