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Circuitous Pursuit Of Carjacking Suspects Ends In Alamo Thursday


One of two people taken into custody following a circuitous pursuit from San Ramon to Walnut Creek and then into Alamo this morning.

Suspect vehicle eventually corralled and suspects believed to have committed a carjacking out of the county were arrested.

No injuries reported, lots of Flashes, emails received as it was happening. Lots of New Flashers signing up so PLEASE be patient as we onboard you all!

UPDATE – San Ramon Police Chief Denton Carlson provided the following after the dust had settled:

SRPD officers were alerted to an outstanding stolen vehicle (taken via a carjacking) at roughly 10:30 am as it drove through the City of San Ramon. Our patrol units located the vehicle and attempted to stop the vehicle (White Audi A3). The driver fled from officers and a pursuit was initiated onto northbound Highway 680. Officers pursued the vehicle into Walnut Creek and then back south on 680. The two male adult suspects abandoned the vehicle in Alamo and fled on foot for a short distance. Contra Costa County Deputies assisted our officers with the apprehension, and the two suspects were taken into custody. San Francisco Police responded and processed/recovered the stolen vehicle. Our officers booked the two suspects into the Martinez Detention Facility for felony evading, possession of stolen property, and violation of probation.

Thanks, Chief!


    • Unfortunately, they will just release them after they book them. The cops are great. They’ve been catching them right and left. It’s the courts we have to hammer for releasing
      These perpetrators

  1. Criminals always seem to have interesting athletic shoes and face / neck tattoos. Carjacking is very traumatic for the victim. I think too that despite excellent police work, this guy is probably already been released. Why has society becomes so sympathetic towards the criminals. But hardly ever give a thought about the poor traumatized victims?

  2. A well-dressed man with a face tattoo. Who’d of thought this person would be involved in a car jacking and lead the police on a circuitous pursuit? Perhaps he just needed a ride to work and didn’t want to miss an important meeting…

  3. Why are the names of the perps not released so the public can see how poorly the system they voted for works? Prior convictions seems likely as well as likely release to do more harm.

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