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Friday Night Outlook: Clear, But With A Hint Of Burglary

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Local law enforcement is keeping busy Friday night as a series of burglaries were reported across the 24/680.

Police in Moraga, Lafayette, and Walnut Creek were all busy investigating fresh crime scenes Friday, with at least two burglaries believed to be the “smashed rear slider” type.

Details and descriptions remain murky due to darkness and the swift nature of the break-ins, with some caught by in-home cameras or sharp-eyed neighbors.

One burglary was reported on Caselton Place in Lafayette with  another in the 100 block of Paseo del Rio in Moraga. The Walnut Creek location has not been specified.

In the Moraga crime, three individuals were seen approaching the home before an alarm sounded, the trio leaving in a dark colored crossover-type vehicle.


  1. And what do you want to bet that all these burglars have been arrested before and have just been released again to continue their endeavors? Who are they going to burglarize tonight?

  2. I really do suggest having some sort of protection, dog, spray, mace, firearm. Make sure to follow safe storage laws. While still incredibly safe area extra precautions aren’t a negative.

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