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Trouble In The Neighborhood: Danville Man Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon Sunday


An apparently escalating series of incidents in a normally quiet Danville neighborhood reached a boiling point over the weekend, the neighborhood’s long driveways, gardens and greenbelt suddenly populated by police officers with dogs, rifles and drones – a neighbor on the run.

“Honestly, if it hadn’t been for your alert we wouldn’t have known what was happening,” a reader who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retribution wrote us. “Running deputies, dogs, shouts and commands, the neighborhood was in a state of disbelief and shock.”

The scene was the culmination of a two-day search for a Glasgow Circle resident who had allegedly assaulted his father with an unknown implement, leaving him bloodied and ultimately sending him to the hospital.

Danville Police Chief Allan Shields said that officers arriving on the scene in the 200 block of Glasgow at 2:18 p.m. Saturday learned that Kevin Xu, 24, had assaulted his father before fleeing the area.

An arrest warrant for Xu was obtained, Shields said, and officers flooded the neighborhood and backing greenbelt searching for him through the night. The following morning, on January 21, at 6:38 am, Xu was sighted by officers who pursued him after Xu attempted to hide in a neighbor’s recycling bins, breaking from cover and running from police until he was surrounded and taken into custody on Grassland Court.

“They (his officers and deputies from other agencies) established a perimeter and successfully apprehended him,” Shield wrote Monday.

Xu was booked and remains in custody at the Martinez Detention Facility on charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Resisting Arrest, police said. A search of jail records indicate his bail has been set at $30,000. Chief Shields said the case will be forwarded to the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office this week for review.

Neighbors, however, remain fearful and surprised that a person suspected of such a violent attack lived among them. Many were even more surprised to learn that the alleged assault on Xu’s father was not the only incident involving the troubled 24 year old to occur on quiet Glasgow Circle.

One, who wrote that he and his family were subjected to a bizarre and violent encounter with Xu on January 8 of this year, told this site afterward: “I have a terrible feeling that should this not be appropriately addressed, that should Kevin continue to be given a pass without any real consequence because of his “mental health” issues, there will undoubtably be a more severe incident in the very near future…”

During the January 8 incident the neighbor, who also requested anonymity due to fear of retaliation, said he first encountered a “teenager” he came to know as Xu that afternoon, when he encountered him at the bottom of his driveway, blood on his sleeve and in an “agitated” state.

“I asked if he ‘needed help with anything,’ the neighbor wrote. “His response was ‘Do you need help?’ He began to move toward me in an aggressive manner. I continued to ask whether he needed help with anything, only to hear parroted responses to my questions.”

The neighbor wrote that Xu began to follow him as he retreated into his home, informing him of his intent to notify police.

“This is when I was then initially assaulted,” the resident wrote, saying Xu closed with him and continued to press him as the neighbor retreated further into his home. “He again lunged at me as I moved toward the back steps up toward the entryway of our garage that leads into our house. I was able to push him away, and (he) continued to move closer toward the back garage door entryway that leads into our house.”

The neighbor said he backed into the entry to his home and attempted to secure the door, Xu wedging his foot and arm inside.

“I’m 205 pounds, in modest shape, yet strained to keep the door shut to prevent this individual (Xu is 5′ 10″, 150 pounds per his booking information) from entering my home. With the arm that was in the door, this individual grabbed my hair, tore my shirt, and attempted to punch me through the door.”

The resident’s wife quickly joined the struggle, adding her weight to the door and mentioning various defensive tactics she hoped would frighten Xu away before yelling for the couple’s daughter to call 911, Xu eventually leaving the premises.

“I have no doubt that had I not been able to keep our back door closed enough so that he
couldn’t make it through, this would have no doubt lead to a serious injury or death,” the resident wrote.

Since the Jan. 8 incident and the most recent one over the weekend, other neighbors have written of other previous incidents, most of them involving alleged assaults by Xu upon his father, one of which reportedly also resulted in his hospitalization. The elder reportedly declined to press charges against his son in those instances.

Residents expressed concern that the neighborhood could experience more incidents if Xu is released and allowed to return to his Glasgow Circle home. His parents, the neighbors maintain, live in a nearby gated community and attempt to monitor their son’s movements remotely.

“Every neighbor we’ve spoken with is severely concerned about their personal and family’s safety…” the resident involved in the Jan. 8 altercation wrote.


  1. This is the same man who “accidentally” hit and killed NFL Coach Greg Knapp in 2021. He exhibits more than a mental health issue, he is dangerous to the community

  2. Your first sentence is wildly dramatic. We don’t have long driveways or gardens. This isn’t Wisteria Lane. One drone. One dog. The police entered the greenbelt that night after hours of waiting for the suspect to arrive back at home after fleeing the scene and assaulting his dad. The actual events of how this unfolded are much more incredible than you report.

    And the unnamed individual who had to fight off Kevin is very modest about the shape he is in and the restraint and thought storming that went into keeping his family safe. His wife is a mastermind of thoughts to do everything but use physical violence to provide safety to both her family and Kevin.

    Danville Police Officers, working with the Sheriff’s Department and officers from surrounding areas, were instrumental in providing neighborhood protection and working with neighbors to spot Kevin who climbed fences and walls until he was finally discovered hiding in a recycle bin a few blocks from home where he was initially seen. Hours of scouring neighborhoods took place before Kevin was caught.

    Officer R was kind enough to inform neighbors in person that Kevin was caught.

    Kevin’s parent reports he won’t post bail and can’t get the help he needs from the Danville PD or mental health professionals. Neighbors have begged Wei and Jialin Xu to not allow Kevin back in the neighborhood. The HOA is working with Chief Shields and the neighbors to hold a Town Hall meeting. Wei and Jialin Xu ask for privacy as they work with law enforcement in regards to their son.

    • Sounds like the young man who unfortunately met his end after terrifying his parents and the neighbors for several years. While I hope it doesn’t go this way, it often does.

      Firestone 11R

    • Let’s see – a man assaulted and sent to the hospital, a 2 day police search with a drone and a dog AND a family forced to shelter in their own home but that driveway description was WAY over the line!

      • Carol, I lived through that horror. I’m a neighbor and a journalist, so yeah, I’m gonna have an issue with the way the writer flowers a very seriously disturbed young man and a situation that deserves much more press, a better opener, and a more appropriate picture. Never bury the lead. Writing 101.

        Correction to your comment- a NEIGHBORHOOD sheltering on place. If that is all you got from tbis story, I rest my case.

        • So you’re a journalist, you “lived through the horror,” believe the story deserved “more press” and yet you wrote nothing, deciding instead to criticize the site that did. Makes sense.

          • Anyone involved in this horror has spent every waking moment for the past three days tirelessly working with officials, herding our community together, collecting documentation from all parties and researching next steps. Even if we weren’t, how do you suppose we develop a publication with an online presence strong enough to reach more than our own echo chamber?

  3. Not exactly how this all went down. We for sure don’t have long driveways and gardens. This isn’t Wisteria Lane. One dog. One drone. Hours of waiting and cooperation with detectives and K-9 unit from surrounding areas over two days before suspect was caught hiding in a recycling bin. The true events are much more incredible than you report. But at least you reported which is more than others have done to bring light to this dangerous situation that has escalated over a year with multiple assaults and neighbors living in fear.

    • “… a mastermind of thoughts” lol but the author was too dramatic with his description!? You live in Danville. Have you been around to other parts of the Bay Area? Danville might as well be called Mayberry. You also did not need to name the suspect’s parents in your wild rant. I just know that the first k stands for Karen.

      • Dude, ive been all over. The news paints a pretty picture while leaving out our crime. Their names are all over the internet. None of this would have had to happen if the parents got K the help he needed. I am fully aware of how others live and had way more respect for people waking up to violence after what I lived through for a year, not just three days. Mayberry didn’t have a mentally ill person with a record terrorizing their hood.

  4. Sounds like someone is going to have to make some hard decisions in the near future. Hopefully before someone gets hurt.

  5. Part of the widening mental health crisis in this country. Very sad especially when innocent people are harmed.

  6. A better angle for your story is Danville Neighborhood fears for safety after several run ins with Greg Knapp Killer. Your photo and inaccurate reporting makes our fears seem like a joke. Don’t hide the true story here. This isn’t his first assault. This isn’t the first time he’s alluded authorities. Get the big picture out to the public: our neighborhood is on constant lockdown due to Kevin’s escalating mental health crisis. A crisis caused by two parents who claim they can’t get help. What happened Saturday is an unnecessary fallout and just the start of a much bigger picture. If the DA doesn’t press charges, Kevin is free to roam our neighborhood. And there sure aren’t any long driveways or gardens to hide behind. Where on earth did you get that? We have tiny yards that Kevin jumps into. Once you cast doubt on the truth, you become unbelievable. I hope you do a follow up based on all of the information and interview more neighbors.

      • But he did kill greg knapp. That is the truth. Again, as someone deeply intwined in getting Kevin out of the house in my own neighborhood, you needed to include this piece. I understand now your take on the news is trendier- may be refreshing to some-but for those who witness this man beating the crap out of his dad with a deadly weapon and lurking in yards, windows, staring us down, bumping into us, finding him in our yards at midnight, waking up to sheriffs with drawn weapons warning Kevin the police dog will be released, barricaded in your own damn home because parents won’t take the measures to get the kid the help he needs, driving by the window he broke before he attacked that couple WHILE NO CHARGES were made , reading the accounts from individuals, having first hand knowledge of a killer living among us, seeing his dad running down the street then the bloody aftermath, we have a much more personal view of this story. Report with your tone of choice, but please report all facts, including that his own mom started a restraining order against him and he’s assaulted his dad in front of us three times and still lives on this house. If the DA doesn’t make a stand to put him in jail, I guarantee you will be reporting a death soon. GUARANTEE it. Look at the examples above. Someone is going to get hurt AGAIN. Please cover all the facts so we can get the press we deserve. It’s now making headline news. Thank you. Can you update your FB post once we hear if he’s released?

        • But he did kill greg knapp. That is the truth.
          It may be your truth as you see it, but no charges have been brought against this man in connection with that crash.

          And just FYI, this site provided frequent alerts and updates of the incidents you cite AS THEY HAPPENED over the weekend. We mentioned quite openly that some neighbors were shocked by events in their neighborhood after the fact while others were aware of what was happening all along.

          Please cover all the facts so we can get the press we deserve.”
          We thought we did. Apparently you don’t agree. We’ll just have to steel ourselves to that fact.

        • As a former law enforcement officer, I would suggest that you make yourself prepared for engagements with this individual. Have you considered acquiring pepper spray as a beginning, it’s even available at some hardware stores and mini-marts.

          Firestone 11R

          • Jeff, your comments resonate with me. I am considering it. I walk with three large dogs but I can’t be safe enough. We just found out Xu will be charged with felony assault with intent to cause bodily harm; assault with a deadly weapon; and misdemeanor aggravated trespassing, battery, and resisting arrest. As a former officer, I thank you for your services. You have a very difficult job. Xu was a ninja jumping fences. But we outsmarted him and a simple surveillance camera in just the right spot was enough to inform police of his whereabouts.

            Question for you: if Xu got back in his home, couldn’t they have just broken in and arrested him there instead of going on a manhunt for two days? He always returned home after his nights and days terrorizing the neighborhood. After this last assault, police had a warrant for his arrest. They used to knock on his door and weren’t allowed inside. But that assault led to a warrant. I don’t know why they didn’t just let him go inside and then arrest him inside.

        • I completely understand being at wit’s end after living with these issues plaguing your neighborhood for so long. I’m glad that News24-680 is affording your plight some due exposure, when it sounds like other outfits haven’t taken enough of an interest. I can also understand being pissed when the situation finally gets some attention and an impactful part of the story (the death in which Mr. Xu was implicated, but not charged) is left out—no one likes to be misrepresented or have their lived experience “sanitized” for the sake of others’ sensitivities.

          It is about this last part that I hope you will be able to feel some slight relief. News24-680 has absolutely not deliberately “massaged” the truth to pander to readers. Although it is not an unreasonable suspicion to have in your position, it is not the slightest bit based in fact. No news outfit in the nation would be willing to report it how you wished. An organization cannot report a person guilty of a crime without that guilt having been established in court. This is called libel, a type of defamation, and the law would allow the person to sue them into oblivion. It is nothing to do with “trendy reporting” or a lack of respect for the story or the truth, it is simply the nature of the legal landscape as it pertains to reporting news.

          I hope your neighborhood will soon be a bastion of peace and safety for all your families and those affected.

          May the Force be with you.

  7. Super weird y2 are obsessed with your driveway length and act as if it’s actually part of the story. Simultaneously thanking news 24 680 for being the only ones to break the story and then calling their credibility into question over the description of the driveways. Gross tactics.

    This is a free country meaning you are free to pick up a keyboard and make your own news site.

    How silly. Let’s not disrespect the 24 680.

    • No disrespect to them. Just wish there was more facts reported so the full story was out there. The driveway length is an issue cause it’s not true and seemed odd. In the wake of the fear.

  8. If this was the same person who killed Greg Knapp, I would hope the police and DA are taking a long hard look at their original ‘accident’ ruling in light of recent events. News 24-680, do you know if that is even an option?

    • Yana – Short Answer: We have no indication that officials are re-visiting the Knapp case in light of recent events. As for whether or not that is an option, we would imagine that would hinge on the presentation of new evidence and whether the statute of limitations hasn’t been exceeded.

      • Thanks for the quick response! And thank you for the flashes as this was all going down. I live on the other other side of town, but it was good to be kept informed. I know a lot of neighbors are complaining on NextDoor that Nixle wasn’t activated…glad we have you guys!

    • Stay tuned to this…there’s been an update on that. I had no idea this site existed. Several feared retaliation for saying anything. We went to HOA and thought they would share the news. I would have been happy to give the play by plays with accuracy. He’s staying in jail for now with multiple counts unless judge lets him out. Several wrote to DA. This isn’t over by far. Stay safe.

  9. News24-680 there is a lot to this story beyond this report. Again, thanks for covering it. I had no idea this site existed. I see you’re spicier and spunkier than most.

    I guess in my mind if Kevin hit a man who died, he killed him. The fact that he wasn’t charged doesn’t take away the fact a wife, daughters, team lost their son. I think if we say “allegedly “ we are safe.

    I sincerely wish you had interviewed me as I believe my name was given to you. I promise im a nice oerson shaken up over a year by this unnecessary madness.

    However, I do realize what you feel is important to report isn’t what we neighbors want reported. There are so many twists to this case.

    He’s been charged and is staying in jail. Its up to the judge now to determine sentencing.

    Thanks for posting. And keeping everyone in the loop.

    You have my email if you want to follow up.

    Ill be in my garden tending to my roses. 🌹Look for the long driveway and my butler who will serve u champagne 🥂 as ur car is valeted. Cheers!

    Will you keep on reporting this story?
    As it unfolds?

  10. “we demanded to press charges even though the officer at the case recommended we did not because the DA “would not do anything about this”. ”

    Per this eye-witness account, the case officer made a political decision and a political STATEMENT (innocently or not) that was not for him or her to make. Police gather evidence for the DA and do not make charging decisions for good reason. There is a clear separation of duties, and for good reason. This officer needs to perform the job of policing! “we demanded to press charges”, the statement reads. That is a fundamental right! It that accurate? That is a fundamental right! Who refused that?

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