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A Heavenly Rorschach – What Do YOU See?


Help us out here, we may be seeing things.

This photo was made a couple of days before the sky went gray and we liked it. We also found that the longer we looked at it, the more we saw in it.

Now, this could merely be evidence of an over-active imagination or an impending breakdown but we thought we’d put it to you to see if you see what we’re seeing. We’re not going to give any hints on this one because we want to see if there are any like-minded space oddities out there.

Sean McDonough made the photo, which is totally un-enhanced.

Do you see what we see?


    • It’s cool, we’re not grading. Our healthcare coverage doesn’t include periodic psychiatric/psychological exams so we’re making this a sort of poor man’s self-evaluation…

  1. What’s not to like? I see a hoary bat diving head-first from above, and below the birds, a female figure slicing nicely through the blue in a 35-degree dive into the dark clouds below.
    I do not see the Power of the Dog here.

    • Whoa. Pretty cool. Check out our Facebook Page for some aids and additional finds… found Moby Dick in there yesterday!

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